Landing Page Feedback June 10, 2019

Just rewrote my landing page - does it work?

Taylor Campbell @tc4mpbell

Deleted a bunch of fluffy paragraphs, tried to do a better job expressing benefits.

I want to be able to send this to decision-makers at consulting companies and have them quickly know what it does/what problem it solves.

What do y'all think? I also changed pricing -- thoughts on that are welcome as well.


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    Hey Taylor,

    Here are some thoughts.

    I find it's always good to stay away from subjective measurements like "Easy". It sounds nice but it's hard to measure. Easy as compared to what? Who says it's easy? Would everybody find it easy?

    Also, what're the benefits of having easy, anonymous team surveys? I worked for a company that built something with the same goal. Anonymous team surveys for measuring employee happiness. They used pretty much the same headline. The struggle with that headline is, it could be used for any survey-based product.

    I would pull from the actual benefit that your service provides. Your subheadline is a little closer to the benefit.

    Looking at the rest of your copy, it seems like the core benefit is to find team health problems as early as possible to prevent them from becoming bigger and delaying progress and potentially costing money. An unhealthy team can lead to delayed deadlines, poor quality of work, employee turnover, etc.

    Losing money is always an emotional draw. I'd approach your headline from that perspective rather than a feature based perspective of "ease" and "anonymity". Those can be moved down into the copy.

    Your headline should speak to a bigger benefit. Something along the lines of:

    "Solve your team's small problems before they cost you big time and big money".

    That evokes an emotion in every stakeholder. Nobody wants to cost their company money.

    This gets closer to the benefit but I think it's lacking a core benefit. That being, honest feedback from the team. Most Project Management applications out there can give you a dashboard that provides "analytical insight at a glance". Majority of them provide no insight into how healthy a team is. I've been on successful teams that had lots of in-fighting.

    I think your biggest benefit is in knowing how well a team works together and feels a project is going.

    From personal experience, I was on a project that was managed horribly and the team didn't have a rapport that allowed them to talk openly about how it was going. The project went over budget and everybody was miserable. Had there been a good process to ferret out these problems, things could have gone better.

    That seems to be what you want to solve, so I'd write from that perspective.

    For the subheadline, maybe something along the lines of:

    "Standups and burndown charts can only tell you so much. You need to understand the health of your project and your team."


    "Even your best team can drop the ball if they feel stuck on a bad project."

    Try to pull out some emotions that people have expressed. If you've been in this situation yourself, jot down some of the ways you've felt about them. Write from there. Use real language and quotes if you have them.

    The rest of the copy is good. I don't think I'd change much at all.

    I agree with @volkandkaya - Those 3 circle images above the "every role" heading seem like they're there for the sake of having something there. I'd cut those.

    Other than that, I think it looks good. Good luck, I hope it takes off!

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      Davey, thanks very much for the detailed feedback! Your analysis of the headlines was exactly what I needed. Going deeper into the benefits to the company makes complete sense, I've been mentally stuck in a very narrow range of headlines, but this opens up some new directions. I'm going to noodle on this a bit more...

      Very much appreciated.

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        Awesome. I hope it helps.

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    I found it very clear

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    I would agree with @volkandkaya about the three circles, although photos there are a good idea to break the page up. Could you change them to be squares so you can see more detail?

    I think you've got a great mix of friendly and professional.

    Out of nosiness - your pricing is in dollars (I'm assuming US?), do you have options for other currencies or are you focusing on the one market at the moment?

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      Hi, thanks very much for taking a look! There seems to be consensus on the circles, and they're definitely just decorative -- I'll switch or remove them. :)

      It is in USD at the moment, and I honestly just haven't thought about supporting other currencies. I use Stripe, and it seems pretty straightforward from their side, so I'd probably just need to change some calls & calculations in my code.. I'll add it to the infinite list of things to think about :D.

      Thanks again!

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    Some quick wins

    • Change the sign up in navbar to "Get Started" or something similar
    • Might change it a little to a How it works, are your surveys only by email?
    • What do the 3 circles show? I would delete them
    • You are in a competitive space, I would add why another survey tool (i'm building a product for a competitive space as well and the feedback I got was why are you different)

    Some quick questions :)

    • Did you use a template?
    • Did you look at any landing page/marketing site builders?
    • If so why didn't you use one

    Thanks a lot.

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      Volkan, thanks! Differentiating from others in the space is good advice, I'll mull this over.

      I used a template from as the base, but have mangled it quite a bit by now (removed a lot of decoration, pulled it into a Jekyll template).

      Thanks again!