Just sold my second app for 5-figures. Now looking for alpha users for my new project!

I’m happy to say that last week I officially closed the acquisition of Reporty (https://www.indiehackers.com/product/shoppy). It took a little over 2 years to go from $0 to five-figure exit, but it was a heck of a journey and so excited for the new owner to take it from here.

But indiehackers never rest so I’m now looking for alpha users to try out my next idea: Eventhome.io—a super simple way to sell tickets to your next virtual class, seminar, fireside chat, or event.

If you’re someone who has or has wanted to make money off of hosting virtual events, please sign up for the waitlist @ Eventhome.io.

Also, if you have any questions about Shopify apps, how I grew and sold Reporty, or questions about Eventhome, feel free to comment and I’ll reply!

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    Wow! That's amazing that you were able to sell your own project. What was one thing you didn't know that you now know about getting an app acquired?

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      Thanks for the question. One assumption I had about building an app is that if I built it and shared it on IH and Reddit users would flow in and money would come. This was not the case.

      I think the biggest thing that made Reporty successful was being very active on customer service. In the early days, there were so many bugs that people wrote in about. I made it a big priority to respond to these bugs in under an hour and fix them as quickly as possible and then follow up with those who had the issue and confirm the bug was fixed

      This led to really strong retention from my initial users, and when I asked them for reviews, they were happy to give me 5-stars. And with those 5-star reviews, I ranked higher in Shopify's App Store search, which led to more users, which led to more feedback, to more customer service, to more reviews.

      That customer service -> review flywheel really led to a lot of the success and it also meant that Reporty could switch gears into a passive income app once it reached >5 5-star reviews.

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    Hi Chris - congrats! What are your top three tips/channels for Shopify app marketing?

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    Hi! congrats buddy !!, hope your new journey gets interesting and reach 6-figure :D,

    I thought about developing for Shopify some months ago but my research ended up knowing the Shopify app review process isn't pleasant and it's not that easy to get your app on the store, is that true?

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      You are correct that it’s not that easy to get your app on the store. But also, it’s not any harder than getting an app on the iOS store OR getting approval to use some third party APIs.

      Put differently, if you have a solution to a pain point that you think enough stores want, I would recommend going through the Shopify process because you’ll learn a lot about what it takes to get an app approved, how to grow an app, and if you’re like me, maybe learn how to get an app acquired.

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    Congrats! I have a question about marketing? Which channel was most useful to you? Which channels under performed from your expectations?

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      Shopify App Store SEO was hugely important. To rank high though, I needed great reviews.

      Beyond that, some blogs help with single day spikes but ranking high for “slack” on the Shopify App Store was everything

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