March 31, 2019

Just updated my pricing page. Could I get a bit of feedback?

New Page:

Been looking at a bunch of pricing pages over the past week and decided to revamp my own. Is there anything that jumps out on the page that isn't clear or that you would like to have explained a bit more on the FAQs?



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    Overall, looks great as is. It's complete. There's no major shortfalls here. Great work!

    A couple constructive comments that could enhance:

    Agree with @TonyMaguire The plans need something to distinguish them. Smart use of color and contrast can also help drive conversions of one plan over another - which is a good strategic move.

    The testimonials could be more compelling. Its kind of bland at the moment, and I feel like that could be a real closer for you. Lose the italics, its hard to read. And shorten the line length (aka width) to improve readability too. Perhaps having the testimonials in columns of 2 or 3 would help that. Also, try dropping a background color or something to make them standout against the background. Again, as it is now its kind of bland. And one last thing - depending on what kind of customer feedback you get, move testimonials above FAQ. Unless customers are telling you they need the FAQs more, the testimonials will probably do more to help close sales than the FAQs - imo.

    Great job otherwise!

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    I'd remove all negative language, so...

    Instead of:

    ❌ Unable To View Full Report


    ❌ View Full Reports

    You should also know which price band you actually want to sell - add "most popular" to that price band. A major purpose of banding is comparison; you expect people to compare these and conclude the band they want. You can dictate this thought process.

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    I don't have anything specific, but you should read this:

    The psychology of pricing by Nick Kolenda:

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    Hey Lucas,

    Initial impressions


    • Very clean

    • General layout is easy to follow

    • Having the FAQ is great


    • I think some colour would help to differentiate the plans - the main difference right now seems to be the number of trades. Could you highlight this more and give each plan a bit more identity perhaps?

    Example: we have a pricing section on this page here: <-- we've tried to make them fairly engaging to look at and different them from one another

    I think my con is pretty minor - you've done a good job :)