April 25, 2019

Keep a journal in your favorite messaging app


JournalFlow makes keeping a journal easy.

JournalFlow is a platform that allows users to write journals from their favorite messaging apps, such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger or email. Just like chatting with a friend.

Messengers support:

  • Telegram
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Email (Inspired by Ohlife)
    Whatsapp, and Line and more app support is coming soon. Subscribe on our website for JournalFlow updates.

Journal types
We currently support text, image, location (exclude email channel), and mood. Video support is coming soon.

Visit our website to see more features!

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    It's a pretty cool concept! I was instantly interested in trying it out.
    My $0.02: Journals are private by definition and I did not see anything in terms of assurances regarding privacy of users' content or how the content they send would be protected. Privacy policy is a good start, of course. I appreciate that the signing up requires paying money, because to me that is a latent indicator that my data is not going to be sold, but I am not sure of that. IMO, privacy can be a feature too.

    1. 1

      Thanks @bcosynot. Your advice is really helpful. We will never sell users' data to anyone, and we definitely should let people know more about it.

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    Interesting concept :)

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      Thanks 😀