Keep calm and take it slow

I've been trying to do too many things in a single day, every day. But recently I realized that I had no time to take a break and just do... what I want. I found out that when I am not working on something, I can't stop thinking that I am wasting my time. So I decided that I will take things more slowly and not stress so much about it. That is why the last few days have been great so far and I feel more motivated to work on my side project iconsizer🎉.

It is great to take care of your mental health from time to time, play the games you wanted to play, or just do whatever you want.

Please share your experience and how you deal with moments like these.

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    It’s always good to take a step back from time to time. We can be consumed with what we’re doing which can lead to burnout eventually if we don’t find the right balance. I’m finding that mediation and exercise helps me.

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    I built a mindfulness app to help in these types of situations and times. Please check out www.calmAscent.com and let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

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