Ideas and Validation December 20, 2019

Keeping a Journal in Your Browser

Philip @NaoLimao

I've read about so many benefits of journaling. It improves your thinking, it gives you relief in tough times and it's recording the past.

Therefore I always wanted to give it a try, however, the habit never stuck. Neither writing on paper nor in mobile or desktop apps. My handwriting was slow and messy and those apps I never opened again after installing them. I wasn't used to using them.

Then I came up with the idea of writing in my browser. A piece of software I use on a daily basis. I wrote this simple journal app I set as my browser homepage. So each time I opened my browser I'm presented with journal page for the day. This was years ago and it works great. I now have over 400 entries in this web journal.

Nevertheless, It was never built to be used by someone else instead of me. It was lacking usability and presentation. As it worked good for me, I wanted to make it accessible for everyone. It's still in its early stages but usable. I would love to read your thoughts on this and maybe even acquire first users! :)

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