Knowledge sharing platform needs your feedback!

Hello IH community,
I'm a founder of Odlli (Knowledge Sharing platform).

We launched the landing which describes what we are building. The goal of this page to tell about us for people who are interested.

If somebody has a few minutes to take a look at https://odlli.com and leave short feedback in comments.
I'll be thankful!


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    Looks good! A couple of feedbacks:

    • It’ll be great if there’s some example of the skillsets I can learn in Odili. What can I learn here? Programming? Design? Foreign languages?
    • The copywriting can be optimized. Some grammatical errors.
    1. 1

      Thx a lot! We'll check the copywriting.

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    Os is it a platform to match teachers/students or mentors/mentees? If so, how do you plan to differentiate from the existing ones (for example, I use Preply to book English lessons)?

    1. 1

      Hi Alex, thx for your questions. Firstly, we want to work with mentors/mentees and the initial idea for sharing the expertise of mentors. Also, I don't exclude the agile way int the case when our clients will prefer a more structured mechanism like teachers/students. And about existing platforms which look like an Odlli Platform we have an ace in the hole :)

      1. 1

        I would be interested to hear about the ace when you will be ready to share it :)

        1. 1

          Don't hesitate to subscribe for early access invitation on the landing page and we will notify when we will be ready :)

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    Great idea Alex! Some thoughts:

    1 - I'd make the main heading more concrete. "The modern way to learn anything" is generic. (See #2 in https://www.nngroup.com/articles/113-design-guidelines-homepage-usability/) I like the subheading a lot. Maybe tweak that to make it the main heading.

    2 - Huge thought: this is a platform that connects two sides; I guess we can call them students and educators. Platforms are super hard because of the chicken-egg problem - why would students sign up if there are no educators; and why would educators sign up if there are no students. For the same reason, platforms are super valuable if you can get that figured out, because it's hard for a competitor to catch up, and you become "the place to be".

    I'd recommend reading through http://platformed.info/ thoroughly. It's a really great resource for platforms.

    I'd also recommend starting off in a very narrow space, eg. people who are learning how to, I don't know, learn linear algebra. From there you can expand to math, then to STEM, then to academics, then to everything. But it's really hard to start a platform when it is so broadly focused. http://platformed.info/ talks more about this and provides some good examples, eg. how Facebook started off with just Harvard students, then college, then young people, then everyone.

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      Thanks for the resources which you shared! It's useful for me!

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    Agree with some of the other posts here:

    • Slick design! Looks really nice on both desktop and mobile

    • The grammatical errors would make it difficult for me to trust your site and sign up

    • Agree that a few examples of what someone might learn on the site would go a long way

    • The only part that's unclear to me is selection of "one-to-one" or "mentorships". Is "mentorships" a group class as opposed to a one-on-one session?

    • Interesting idea, excited to see where this goes!

    1. 1

      Thanks for your feedback! We will immediately start working on it!

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    Just looked it up, the design looks appealing.

  6. 2

    I think the landing is enough clear. I've a suggestion: in the one-to-one session explanation is not clear understand how long is this session. The screenshot shows a clear price but it is not immediate to understand how long the session will be.

    1. 1

      Thanks a lot for your feedback! We will try to modify it and prepare a more clear explanation for this.

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