Ideas and Validation May 22, 2020

Knowledgebase article creation - useful or throw it out?

Lee @lee_in_perth

When people collaborate when writing up Knowledge Articles or some other short-form, high-volume, mostly text-based information, either a) you get a wall of text too boring to read or b) horrendous page design makes the reader cringe to death. Plain text is too stifling for the author, and HTML editors allow too much freedom - and any semblance of branding and style fly right out the window.

In particular, I have seen multiple KB article migrations between IT management systems... and the resulting articles are horrific. All this makes me think about markdown - some styling but hardly enough to be dangerous.

My idea is to: 1) create a WYSIWYG Markdown editor that can embed into a SaaS application to store articles, 2) allow admin to set styling for each markdown element type and 3) render those articles into page elements using the styling set by the admin.

I'm pretty limited in my exposure to knowledgebase systems but ones that come attached to other SaaS applications have seemed to be subpar... so this seems like a gap to me. But, are other KB systems doing this? Does this idea make sense to any of you? Or should I chuck it out?!

@prakis your post showing was the reminder of this idea I have every 4 months or so!

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    I am happy that it reminded your idea.
    I am busy with other projects that I am not any more working on If you are interested and want to take it forward.. you can have the domain and the source..

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    Interesting idea here... maybe we can collab on that. Check out

    They did a review on the documentation space that you're looking to enter.

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