Landing Page Feedback March 27, 2019

Kumo - Instant Staging environments

Shreyas Jaganmohan @drshrey

Hey, working on a way to make it easy for anyone to have an instant Staging environment by just opening a pull request. Would love to hear people's thoughts on the idea and the landing page!


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    You should really detail your security practices and whether or not you need access to source code. This almost seems like something better fit for self-hosting. I'm definitely not going to host proprietary code and database details on your servers, even for a staging environment.

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    Awesome, I've seen such dynamic environments being problematic for companies. You have a nice painful problem to solve, good start!

    Couple things are not clear to me on a landing page:

    • there are a lot of '#' links. This is not helpful and discourages clicking anything ('Hey, I bet this one is dead as well' kinda thinking).
    • it's obviously not ready since you ask people to join a waiting list. Thus, the testimonial doesn't sound real.
    • you say 'Complete isolation from the real world.' and a sentence later 'We want to make it possible for you to build any type of application, regardless of the number of 3rd-party integrations...' This is confusing to me. How can I run integrations if it's completely isolated? I feel like this needs to be clarified.

    Nevertheless, it has potential, all the best with next iterations!

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      Thanks for the feedback!

      To address your concerns:

      • Will fix the # links, thanks for that observation!
      • I do have a working version, but was considering whether it made sense to include it or not. Will definitely think about changing the copy if I don't decide to include it.
      • Right, so the idea is to basically run your app in this isolated space such that you can have integration A in your app but talks to a pre-installed sandbox API for that integration in the PR preview rather than to the actual live integration. Does that make sense? I'll make sure the copy reflects more clear messaging since I definitely see how that's confusing right now.
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    Really cool! Your landing page was fine I think, I got the point pretty much immediately :)

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