Kyle Gawley of Gravity ($4.7k/mo) gets stuck in Belfast, makes the most of it, and triples revenue

I've essentially been working seven days a week since the lockdown began. It's been highly productive and it's one of the things that's kept me sane throughout the pandemic. It's also how I managed to triple Gravity's revenue. Good thing too, because my previous company is failing as a result of COVID.

We've all got our ways of coping. @kylegawley's just happened to 3x his revenue for Gravity 🤔 Not bad! But nothing lasts forever. His productivity is starting to wane and he's eager for that sweet, sweet inspiration that he finds on his travels.

🤓 Learnings:

  • You don't need a lot of ad spend to grow your business rapidly. Kyle did it primarily through his blog, email list, Youtube, and Twitter.
  • Hard situations often have a hidden opportunity waiting within. And making the most of a situation can pay dividends.
  • If you're losing inspiration, make a change. Find your muse. Grinding can only take you so far.
  • A little sunshine can work wonders. 🏝

Back to Kyle and his unexpected year in Belfast:

Because of my freedom as a solo-founder, I'd been traveling around Southeast Asia since 2017, building Gravity while immersing myself in foreign cultures and experiences.

I flew back to the UK for Christmas a little over a year ago, unaware of what was about to unfold. My flight back to Thailand was scheduled for March. Unfortunately, everything collapsed in the final hour and I spent all of 2020 in Belfast.

The lack of distractions here allowed me to focus relentlessly on growing Gravity. But it was a bit of a culture shock. I have a lot of lifestyle hacks in Thailand, like eating out for most meals, which saves lots of time and energy. My lifestyle in Belfast is very different. Plus, there's the weather. That's been a challenge.

And recently, the pandemic has been causing a lot of anxiety for me. My productivity and inspiration have started to decline. That's why I'm so excited to be flying back to Thailand this month.

I'll have to spend two weeks in quarantine, which sounds daunting, but I have a hack-a-thon planned to make the time as productive as possible. Then it's off to Koh Phangan to work by the beach. It's time for me to get inspired and be productive again so I can 4x revenue in 2021.

🍿 Food for thought: Kyle was able to be hyper-productive due to his lack of distractions, but that's not the same as being inspired. And it didn't last. He finds his inspiration on the road, experiencing new places and new people. Where do you find yours and how can you tap into that more?

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