Landing Page Feedback April 6, 2019

Landing page advice/thoughts?

Mike Roth @mike_libate

Hi All, I just finished up a new landing page for my app - Libate. Anybody willing to check it out and give feedback before I go live?



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    A couple notes :

    . I believe there is way too much text on the landing page. Basically we just need to know three things.

    1. It's for People in Omaha Nebraska
    2. A free drink every month
    3. It's an app.

    I think you can just create one sentence summarizing this. Like. "Get a free drink in Omaha every month."

    Then CTA : Download the app.

    Below the CTA (Call to action). Maybe you can explain how it works in a few quick steps but that's it. (Like a map of the participating bars) etc. But keep it short.

    In terms of design, not sure what's your target, but maybe something a little bit more simple and clean. A clean white background, with the company name on a nice typography. The logo looks quite cheap to be honest, I would just put the name.

    I would remove the video, and just put a nice mock-up of the iPhone running the app.

    Congratulations on the launch

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      Thanks for the feedback @ibrakadabra! My current landing page got a lot of feedback that it sounded scammy, so I wonder if I went too far in the other direction of over-texting it. I will try to add your feedback before updating the page, thanks!

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      This comment was deleted a year ago.

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    Remove the background image - stick to a brand colour perhaps - the text is lost i think and it's distracting.

    I would remove the test in the header section and stick to a short and clear value proposition - in once sentance what is the product and how does it benifit me.

    Instead of the carousel - some screenshots in mockups. Check out some free online mockup tools here -

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      Thanks so much for the feedback! It seems it a consensus on the background image being distracting... it's gone!

      My original page that I had the feedback was that it sounded too good to be true, I think I might have overdone it on the text evidence? I will run through the mockups, but I really like the mockup @genemachine posted below so I might roll with that...

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    My recommendations for V1:
    Once you get featured in some local media, add "as featured in" section.

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      @genemachine - thanks for the mockup, I totally dig it. I will try to simplify with your suggestions, thanks so much for the feedback!

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