Landing Page Feedback April 7, 2019

Landing page advice/thoughts?

Omamerhi @Omams

Hola todos!

I just finished up a new landing page for a remote job board I plan on buildng. Anybody willing to check it out and give feedback before I go live?



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    I think you are doing an OK job of explaining the WHAT, but not enough to agitate the WHY. I know the why is obvious, but you would do well to talk about it. Was it a problem for you personally? Why not share your personal story, people connect with people. Try doing away with the background, make it easy to read, front and centered, explain your story, have your CTA top and bottom, feature your picture, show samples as per comment above. Best to you!

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    Show examples. Your solution is to match jobs that fit a students schedule. Prove it to them by showing examples. “Pham is working as a Junior Product designer in Helinski, and still attends his lectures... “Tour guide in Haiti, and still a Grade-A student... Film Assistant in Hollywood, with a flexible work schedule.”

    Show testimonies: “they learned about me and my schedule...and now I’m interning in Bangkok!”

    Consider running an A/B test by moving the call to action higher on the page, after a short example or a quick testimonial, because students may be willing to provide it right away, and others may not make it to the end.

    Also, you link out to a community, and offer an email signup, and mention that you will analyze their schedule and match them with a job.

    What is your primary offer? Consider an A/B test that focuses singularly on your primary offer, then use the community/ job skills/ etc. as a reason to keep them and prevent churn.

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    If you take your text and sign-up form and put it into a card with a white background you'll make the text more legible and be able to make the image fully visible (image seems random, look at unsplash for free HD photos that might better match your content). A well-designed site will give you more credibility, which may result in a better sign up rate.

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    i am not a member of your target segment but if you put 2-3 real remote job sample above email textbox i think it will be good showcase for users.

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      Thank you @mrcihandemir will do that :)