Landing Page as a Service: What would that look like?

Hey Hackers -

My last post about Landing Pages got some really good engagement : https://www.indiehackers.com/post/the-10-minute-no-nonsense-guide-on-building-the-perfect-landing-page-88cd50d839

I've had this vague idea of a Productized Service for Landing Pages but am now encouraged to pursue it. Basically the idea is for a one time fixed fee + a small monthly maintenance fee you would get a done for you Landing Page hosted by yours truly.

I'm trying to understand what would be a good basic package. Here are some options:

  1. Simple Landing Page (no functionality)
  2. Simple Landing Page with a Contact Form where you get an email anytime somebody submits something.
  3. Simple Landing Page with a Contact Form + An email form that links to Mailchimp/ConvertKit or just a data dump of anyone who subscribed.
  4. Everything above + Authentication and ability to hide certain routes
  5. Everything above + Stripe
  6. Something I'm missing here

I want to offer something simple but not so simple that it's not usable out of the box for people. Of course I will have options for more customizations and me being more intimately involved as well. If you were interested what kind of product would you ideally want at a minimum?


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    I believe you really only need #3. The key to landing pages isn't really the functionality IMO. A few weeks ago, my 60-year old dad built his own landing page using a website builder. Even as a dev, I haven't touched and hosted an early-stage landing page myself for a while now. I know services on Fiverr that code pretty good looking landing pages custom for $100 or I could get a HTML template off Themeforest for $20. Hosting static sites is free in many places.

    What really counts here is whether you can provide a better conversion rate, CTA, branding and messaging that I could myself. Can you create nicer graphics? Animations maybe? Set up a proper tagging system for my email signup to see how many I've gotten from each source?

    Iterating on that would also tout me to come back and pay you a recurring fee. I wouldn't do that for "maintenance"

    Those points have unique value I'd gladly pay for.

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      I think you nailed it. My initial post got attention and folks reaching out to me precisely because of this. They already had websites but they were unoptimized.

      I wonder then a better play might be for me to do landing page audits and a more involved service like having calls with clients to come up with their messaging/benefits/value prop etc before building the thing out.

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    Hey Bilal, this is a service I’m looking to launch myself too. Will go live this week. Though I’m pairing branding with it, as a package.

    I think there’s something about landing pages that works. That said, it depends on the market. From my conversations* with clients (and potential clients), options 1-3 is what they want. Beyond that they’ve wanted full functioning sites.

    *My clients have been people looking to bootstrap a client service, coaches and course creators.

    PS. Happy to connect if you want to chat more

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      What tool do you plan to build the landing pages in? :)

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        I’m planning on using carrd. Early days, but hope to streamline this with templates.

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      Thanks Johan! Yeah I'd love to chat if you have the time. Mind sharing a contact email or way to contact you? Conversely feel free to hit me up at [email protected].

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    For what I do, 1-3 would be just fine. I would not need any other fancy services.

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      Thanks for replying. Yeah I think that makes sense :)

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    Recently I built the landing page for my product and learnt a lot about landing page.

    I think along with #3, there is few things you keep remember-

    1. Content of the website. I think if you can provide the personal content writer to the user that would be great.
    2. One click Marketing. For example- Landing page link should auto publish on platform like IH, Product Hunt, Soical Media and many others.
    3. Google Analytices
    4. Roadmap to how to get maximum traffic.
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      Yeah I see how those things are valuable but that's basically doing the whole site at that point. I'd ideally like to be more of a partner rather than be responsible to come up with the content.

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    If I understood your post correctly it would look like https://unicornplatform.com/ ?
    (Im not related to the linked page)

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    What tool do you plan to build the landing pages in? :)

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      Ha! One day I will give in and use Versoly who knows :D

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        I really want to build a services marketplace on top of Versoly (we get a lot of requests for landing page reviews, seo etc)

        So just let me know ahah

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          That could be cool! Hit me up at [email protected] and we can talk :)

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