Landing Page Feedback March 17, 2019

Landing page feedback

repher_me is a referral network for tech employees. I won't say anything else about it, but please let me know if you understand from the landing page what it does. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!


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    It seems really cool and the landing page puts you right into it. It's clear what the product is (and nice name!).

    I would have questions about the business model for this product though. If you're letting people pay each other for referrals, it won't really end well. And just the idea of a referral marketplace isn't something that companies would necessarily like.

    I like the idea, and I think a referral marketplace or something would make the recruiting process more equitable. I just don't think companies would approve.

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      Do you think I should mention that it's free to use forever? Because I am 100% sure that I want to steer clear of bribery, like you mentioned.

      As for monetization strategies I have a couple ideas:

      1. Refer good candidates to my company (it's highly sought after), and get referral bonuses
      2. Ads/sponsorships
      3. Let seekers pay a flat fee for promoting their referral to the top of everyone's inbox
      4. Let referrers pay a subscription fee for getting dibs on the best candidates
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        Yeah it would be good to mention that imo.

        Is referral bonuses the incentive for employees to refer people?

        The market dynamics here still seem a bit suspicious, but I think the idea could work.

        If I were you, I'd talk to some engineers at different companies to get their thoughts, since they would be the main users. People looking for jobs will easily sign up, I'm not as sure about the employee side.

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          Yes referral bonus, and also the feeling of helping someone out. On Blind (anonymous community full of tech employees), referral requests are very common and people willingly give them, especially if a person just got laid off or are in a tight situation. Around 40% of sign-ups have been with the intent to refer, so far.

          Do you have any advice on how I can drive traffic to this thing? I don't think posting on online forums is something that can scale...

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            Sites with a similar audience such as have grown mostly off of posting on online forums. Read their story here:

            Do things that don't scale is a common mantra in the startup world for good reason. Your advantage over bigger companies is that you can afford to do these things. So I'd say post in forums all day until you get some traction. Blind might be a good place to start off since people are already posting referral requests there.

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    Nice site, although you are using Clearbit logos which requires you to credit them on your site. (I got nothing with Clearbit)

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    Great website btw, just:

    • Take out the three step emoji in the too section
    • The hands pointing diwn emoji works great
    • The example is also awesome and explains a lot
    • Would be great to show next steps
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    IMHO the hero section (top content) is a bit simple, as well as the logo. Those don't create a professional look on your page. Maybe add a transparent image behind the blue section? or an illustration?

    The "refer me" button don't work the first time for me (I had to click it twice to enter to the register section) and the color is a bit intense...

    The referral list could be improved but for the moment I think it's OK.

    As a landing page, you need to add some more context to explain "What's about", "What the product solves" or add testimonials for instance.

    If you're looking for more feedback & more detailed, I launched a feedback as a service tool, maybe you are interested.. At roastMe would love to help you with it, giving you expert feedback in all categories you want!

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      Yeah I think I need to change up the aesthetics to look more professional/hip. But I'm not sure about doing the typical product-hunt style landing page.

      Is there some UX study done on what makes a website's first impression effective? I see that the trend these days is to have a landing page that hides the product behind a full-page ad explaining what it does. Personally I have a hard time believing that it's effective, and would love to see studies.

      I think it also helps to understand where the users are coming from: is it from an ad? random search? a post that I wrote? The user enters with a certain context and addressing that by showing them a 3-page long ad of what the product does doesn't seem to be the right thing to do.

      I'm also not sure if mobile users tend to give scrolling a chance when entering a website, so I try to keep it concise and make sure it can be explained in a single mobile screen. Would love to know this too.

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        Yeah, maybe you are right... What I had in mind with "landing page" was the same you have, but on bottom part, explain more (benefits, uses, etc.)

        The top part for me it's the more "critical" and with little improvements could be more pro.

        I take the freedom to do some experiments, take a look: (keep in mind I did it quick with 4 min. and it's only an idea ;))

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          Appreciate the feedback! I'll play around with some colors/background image to play with it. I definitely want it to feel less casual..

          Btw, the "Login" and "Register" buttons are not accented to bring the focus onto the main CTA which is "Refer Me" hehe...

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            Nice! That's true, my fault haha

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