Landing Page Feedback October 27, 2020

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Pink Lion @PinkLion

Hey. Long time lurker, first time poster.

I am creating a Saas for real estate investment analysis and would love any comments on an LP that I am floating around for pre-launch sign ups.

I am really just trying to garner interest while we finish building out the application. Expected launch will be December/January.

The product may be a bit esoteric or industry-specific, but let me know your thoughts or if I made some large faux paux (like how to spell "paux" in faux paux).

Lastly, I feel selfish for just posting my LP. So feel free to post yours and I would be happy to give my initial, layman's thoughts (or encourage others to comment as well).


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    Sure, I'll bite. I'm in feedback mode myself right now.

    I'm not in the market but I've taken an accounting course so I know the basics of discounted cash flow. First, your landing page is well done and professional. You look legit.

    For the constructive part, it was not immediately clear what your product did and I worry some might click away before figuring it out. It wasn't until I got to the video that I saw that you were a DCF tool that was intended to be easier than Excel. Maybe make that bold up top or make it stick out in some way? My assumption is that large real estate investors primarily use excel for their deals. So if I'm pretending to be them, I've probably been using Excel for years, might have a custom workflow, and am not looking to switch unless I have a major annoying pain point. What is that pain point? I don't know but it wasn't obvious from the landing page why it is a super-compelling switch.

    I'm not looking so much for landing page feedback as much as answers to a few questions (I assume you are a software engineer?):

    1. When was the last time you offloaded code to a separate service? What prompted the decision to do it and what service did you use? (e.g. Lambda? Containers? Kubernetes pods? Etc)
    2. When choosing a new tool for your workflow, how important is it that this tool is open source? Is that ever a deal breaker?
    3. What is your tradeoff between installing your own services and using a service? Let's say this is Redis. Assume installing your own Redis service will take a few hours and using a SaaS will be a little more expensive than running it on your own but only take a few minutes to set up. What is the tradeoff for you?

    Happy to answer more questions as well!

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      Awesome feedback. I may make changes in the next 2-3 days.

      For "just an accounting course" you nailed the gist of it. The pain point for institutional/sophisticated investors is the learning curve and time that it takes to create and maintain your investment models. Error checking because you "reworked" the XYZ model for the new ABC asset...stuff like that. For non-institutional or smaller shops (independent appraisers, family offices) their pain point, is simply a reliable system they can re-use and understand (as opposed to running to third parties).

      This is great though, I think that part does need to be front and center and communicated directly (for the LP and if this is to gain traction and be viable).

      Scott. sorry man...I am NOT a software engineer. I am a real estate consultant who used to work with Private Equity funds. So, the questions you asked might of well been in Russian. Honestly, I have a better chance of spelling "faux paux".

      I hope this post can gain traction and someone can respond to your three questions.

      I really appreciate the feedback!

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        Lol. No worries. Apologies for my assumption!

        I'll still take advantage of your offer. Let me know what I can improve upon!

        To follow up on your response, you mentioned, "Error checking". To me, that sounds like a key benefit of your software over Excel and I might highlight that.

        | Excel makes costly mistakes; Money Weighted never does.

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          Nice. The application is a bit outside of my wheelhouse, but I did notice the consistent Text Editor font/feel. Not sure if intentional but it did provide a definite theme and set the mood.

          The explanation seems a bit text heavy but I can appreciate how complex ideas and "what" something is needs to explained.

          You may want to A/B test a version that has a bit of a more "cheesy" and prominent "1,000 FREE CREDITS! FIND OUT HOW" or whatever. People can be subconsciously drawn to that even before they know what a credit is. ha.

          Just my initial thoughts. Grain of salt recommended!

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    my landing page is, looking forward to a review.

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      Hi, this is not so much landing page feedback, but when I clicked on your link I was given a connection is not secure message from Chrome. Just thought you should be aware in case you share the link in the future.

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      My initial thoughts - clean and direct. My eyes immediately went to the "why?" and I clicked it.

      Seeing how I (and most on this platform) are developing some SaaS/product/site - I could immediately see the use.

      That said (as established in my post), I am not from a tech I wondered "will this work for me". Your first FAQ, helped allay my fears.

      I think a demo or visual of the "report" or analysis would help to seal the deal and increase the "ohhh I could use this" factor. But, I understand that that may not fit w/ the aesthetic and intent of LP.

      I hope others can pile on w/ more points. Over all, good stuff.

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        I really appreciate the time taken to review my landing page. I also agree totally with your observation about having a demo, I will add it.

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