Landing Page Feedback March 19, 2019

Landing page feedback for affiliate analytics tool 🙃

Monica Lent @momoko

👋Hey everyone! I'm looking for some #landing-page-feedback :)

Particularly from anyone who is currently working with affiliate links (either as a blogger, with a niche website, or anything else). 👈

We're very early stage, but are planning soon to send some paid traffic after incorporating feedback into the product from our current cohort of early-stage testers.


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    Some basic feedback: sell benefits not features. Why is tracking links automatically helpful? Maybe save time? Focus on blogging instead...

    Page looks broken on iPhone 6 Plus. Layout messed up.

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      Thanks Unity! I fixed the mobile issues, and good point about selling benefits. I think the main one is that you can increase your income because you learn what's working and what doesn't. I'll try to focus a bit better on that!

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    What did you use to build the landing page?

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      Hey there - tech-wise it's using Gatsby and React Material UI, plus some free illustrations from here:

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    Hey Monica,

    We have a complimentary product for affiliate program management, and often work closely with partnership marketers. First of all, I really like the illustrations and the design of the page.

    As has been mentioned—it needs to be mobile optimized. In particular:

    • chat shouldn't auto-expand on mobile
    • header is broken in narrow layouts
    • need a mobile-optimized cta. Currently, the reflow of your cta requires scrolling almost one full screen before 'get started' is visible.

    Mobile aside, it would be nice to see a more concrete example of what information I'll get access to by including your software. A bulleted list might be good saying what metrics and instrumentation you plan to offer (even if it won't be available until later in your development cycle).

    It's also important to highlight the benefits over, say, Google Analytics: you're selling the ease of use & no-hassle integration for (mostly) non-technical users.

    Best of luck on your launch, and feel free to reach out to me on (see my profile for Twitter or email).

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      Just checked out your project. We are (obviously!) going to need our own affiliate program, I will definitely be in touch about that when the time comes!

      Thanks for the thoughtful feedback, really really appreciate it. I fixed all the mobile bits and removed the chat altogether. I think I still need to focus on the benefits over GA, but for my audience of bloggers I think the main benefit is they find GA super confusing and non-actionable ("just a bunch of numbers" as they said in our customer interviews) whereas our tool should give specific recommendations on content, placement, and presentation :)

      Thank you again!!

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    Looks a great product, but I don't understand the things.
    Let's say I have a website with many affiliate links. Some affiliate links can be OR

    So you can track all this kind of links, which is great.
    But after, how can you track them ? I need to replace this kind of links by yours ?

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      I mean, when you wrote you "track", it's tracking the link (so to know there is a link), or tracking the stats (how many clicks,....)

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        Hey Tim - the way it works is you put a script on your page, and we track all kinds of things about how people interact with those links. So you don't need to replace ANY links with our shortlinks. We don't even offer short links yet, the power of the tool is it starts tracking your existing links without you needing to change anything! Just copy/paste our script in the end of the <body> tag.

        We'll eventually offer shortlinks for things like social media or email campaigns. But for now, we give you out of the box click tracking on all existing links :)

        Does that explain it better?

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          Yes, pretty clear. So I'll need to install a JS snippet in the code.
          Which is really a problem, but at least, I not get how you are making the magic.
          I'll check that with a test website of mine

          Little tip : google is closing his shortlink at the end of this month, so it's "pretty sure" that starting from april, many people will search an alternative, so it could be a good angle to promote your product.

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    I like it overall! One thing that comes to mind is that if you have the blog link in there try to have at least one post that people can check out. With just a placeholder it feels unfinished.

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      Very good point! I will try to write something or hide it before sending any traffic ;) Thanks for taking a look Alex!