Landing Page Feedback for https://lystof.com

  • What do you think lystof is about ? https://lystof.com
    a. Is it a community ?
    b. Is it a newsletter curation service ?
    c. Is it a website to build your brand/page ?
    d. What other services/communities/tools do you think are competitors for it ?

  • Would you like to build your brand on lystof ?
    a. If yes, on what themes would you like to create it (music, tech, crypto, movies, startups etc ?)
    b. How easy do you feel, it is to build your brand ? Is there any service which can build your brand more easily ?
    c. Do you feel that you can build a significant brand using it ? If no, what other customizations you feel are required ?

  • Would you like to recommend it to other people ?
    a. What do you think about the content ? Eg. DevKit in Featured Lists.
    b. What was that one thing which glued you to lystof, if any ?
    c. One thing which you felt should be immediately changed ?

I know it is a bit long, but your honest feedback can help me improve it.
Thanks !


  1. 2

    I think it's a set of curated lists created by different users.

    It seemed to have some community-like aspects such as following lists and following people.

    The homepage said "Build an email Lyst" but I'm not sure what that means. If these are static lists of things, then I'm not sure how it turns into a mailing list. And if the idea is to keep adding new things to the list and have those new things in your mailing list, I'm not sure if an infinitely growing list is really useful.

    I could see brands using it. E.g IndieHackers could post a "Best of IndieHackers" list.

    I think the main issue is that a brand has to spend time maintaining a list on another website that may not have the usage to justify the time. They could just as easily post relevant curated lists to their own website, and maintain their branding, and drive more traffic to their site.


    For me personally, I would build my brand better on Twitter and other social media, because that already takes enough of my time and has all the users.


    I think the content is cool. I guess the most immediate competition comes from sites that are specifically made to have curated lists that everyone trusts like https://startupstash.com.

    Another thing I'm wondering about your community is how you would deal with competing lists. E.g If there's one startup resources list that everyone loves, then what need does anyone else have to make one? And as a user, why would I browse through the 10 'startup resources' lists on your site that all have the same thing when I could just use startupstash?

    1. 1

      Thank you for the feedback ! :)

      LystOf aims to be a place, where the next startupstash or producthunt can be made without writing any code.

      Competing lists on a topic, say 'startup resources' will be made when curators feel that its popular enough and they can get attention from other users. If thats the case then, probably something like ranking lists by top followers might work.

      1. 1

        I'd say tools like webflow and probably many others also make it easy to create a 'startup stash' with no code, but your site is making it even easier.

        Ranking competing lists probably won't be an issue for a while, so I wouldn't worry about that.

        Look forward to seeing where the project goes, keep us updated!

        1. 1

          @dbrereton Sure, Will keep you posted !

          Hoping to see some Lysts authored by you :)

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    I found find.xyz when I was exploring site-sharing networks. What do you think about it?

    1. 1

      Thanks for the link ! :) I can see some similarity. Will explore it.

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