Landing page feedback for multi-currency budgeting app

Hello IH!


This is my landing page for my new budgeting web app.

The purpose is to describe some key differences that differentiate Lunch Money and gather details from those interested in beta testing.

My target audience is primarily the frequent traveler since native multi-currency support is something that sets me apart from the current solutions out there. I'm also targeting those who don't currently budget (either never have, or are idle in their current budgeting solution).

Is the messaging clear? Does it look nice/intriguing? Does it showcase enough to compel you to sign up? Would you sign up?

Any other feedback very much welcome.

Thank you in advance!


  1. 1

    The bouncing coin makes it look like the site is loading... I looked at it for like 5 minutes before scrolling

  2. 1

    Overall nice and clear message. Obviously you can increase your blocks and images once your application was developed. Some improvements that I notices:

    • Increase margin-top of "Other features" section.
    • All labels in the form are uppercase which I don't like it. It just make it hard to read. You either use capitalize or decrease the length of label.
    1. 1

      Thank you for your time and the feedback!

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