Landing Page Feedback May 21, 2019

Landing page feedback for my [MVP] Helpdesk/Knowledge Base

Joshua @randomTest

I can finally release
A knowledge base/Help center with many premium features made solely myself.

*please be assured that the domain is temporary. I am aware of how awful it is.


  • Custom domain with SSL
  • Personalize almost everything in the help center ( and more options to come )
  • Auto search
  • Role & granular role permissions
  • Media auto upload
  • And more.

I probably should have waited with a lot of the features and actually created an MVP and add more feature as i gain an actual foothold. However, I felt that all the other helpdesk proved the market demand and therefore decied to go all in.

I would love for you guys to critique my landing page which most likely need some(a lot?) improvements. For example the best way to display our role features. And I would also appreciate it if you guys tried out the service and pointed out areas of improvements to me. Especially features to add, since Im a sole founder and can only figure out so much.


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    Looks great.
    I like the 'limited amount of spots available' hook.
    Also, you can consider mentioning how this is different from or better than the self help section provided by support desk softwares like desk/zendesk.

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      For now my main selling point (after beta) will be the price point. I feel that comparable services charge too much and that's where I'll contend for now.

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        Ok. Wishing the very best.

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          Thanks, appreciate it.

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    Any suggestions at all?