April 18, 2019

Landing Page Feedback - Pivots Are Never Easy... But...

Shalin TJ @shalintj

Hey Guys. I'm just done setting up the new landing page for our service, Scribezest. If you have a moment, would love to hear your inputs on:

  1. Is our offering coming out clearly? Does it communicate well the value proposition of our offering?
  2. Assume you are a podcaster. What do you find missing on the website that will stop you from signing up?
  3. Have I left any questions unanswered?

URL: https://scribezest.com

If you're curious, here's a quick backstory on our pivot:

We launched Scribezest to provide transcription service to podcasters at a flat monthly fee. And, like all other ideas out there, our reasoning and genesis for it were - we can do a better job at providing transcripts that make sense rather than blurbs of raw text; transcripts that are well-formatted and skimmable.

But I had an interesting realization during our customer development process [aha... I mean cold emailing podcasters asking them for the feedback and getting them to try our transcription services].

The lesson I learned was: people are happy with Rev or their existing transcription service. And the ones who do not want to spend on transcriptions owing to the financial viability of their podcasts, transcription is not one of their top concerns - they want to come at it later on when their podcasts have a sizeable audience.

In a nutshell, it was an interesting dichotomy - for podcasters to whom transcripts did matter, the cost was not that big a concern. $1 a minute is ok with them - no point in trying out another service, no matter whatever that new guy says, "You might be better in terms of quality and cost... I couldn't care any less..."

And for people who didn't have budgets, transcripts didn't make a lot of sense either - in their humble opinion transcripts do not directly help them attract a new audience (at least not for foreseeable months). The same money at that stage is well spent elsewhere :(

This was sure depressing as hell, but I guess it had to happen. And then an interesting realization hit upon me when I donned my marketer's hat. Transcripts do have an upside when it comes to SEO, but people do not read transcripts as is. So, I started asking around on some podcast related Facebook groups whether podcasters would be interested in repurposing their podcast episodes to blog posts, social videos, infographics, etc. We believed that repurposing episodes can help with the promotion of a podcast and can help podcasters grow their audience. And the response was overwhelming. And there came the idea to pivot to repurposing the content of podcast episodes.

I'd love to hear your inputs on the landing page.

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    Awesome pivot story, cool design and very clear landinga page, Shalin! I'm not a podcaster, so I can't attest for the effectiveness of pricing and if the generated blog posts are actually useful for readers (other than just SEO)... but overall seems like a very fresh and promising idea, keep us posted!

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      Thanks for the kind words.

      Will surely keep you posted.

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