Landing Page Feedback May 23, 2019

Landing Page feedback: Tool for PMs / QAs to easily record videos of bugs for developers

Amit Kazmirsky @amitkaz

As a developer, I like it when PMs / QAs send me a video showing the bug.. but it's very time consuming for them to do it, as it requires them to:

  1. start a recorder (quicktime or an app)
  2. reproduce the bug
  3. edit the video and try to give me notes
  4. send me the video

So they usually write a description or take a screenshot. makes this process easier!

Does the landing page explain how it works and how it's better than other solutions?

Let me know what you think!


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    Cool idea, and I like the annotation system to be able to tag parts of the timeline.

    As a developer, your one-liner makes me feel like I'm hard to explain things to and it's a burden for people to have to "waste time" to do so :-/ I don't know that I'd ask a customer to give a service a try if it's representing my interaction with them as difficult. My opinion obviously, there's a lot of developers that lean into the fact that they are difficult to work with ;)

    While I do think the annotation stuff is pretty cool, it does come off as a bit more impersonal than say, Loom, which allows you to record yourself talking through the problem in the video. That little bit of humanity being added back goes a long way for me personally. People can come off extremely angry and out of context in emails and chat. Hearing their voice and inflection, and even being able to hear their frustration is a huge value add over a sterile list of comments.

    I didn't see anything on there about being able to record your voice or something, so if that's actually something this does, that's my bad as I didn't pick up on it from the lander.

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      Great point about the POV of the developer! there is difference between saying the interaction with the developer is difficult, and the PM efforts (on they're own) are high.
      Maybe something like, "We help you communicate with developers.."?
      We'll iterate on it, thank you!

      Currently there isn't a way to record voice, you didn't miss anything :)
      I'd like to hear voice recording too, it does make a different to hear the voice of the person!
      PMs that we talked to said it require even more effort from them to record audio, but it'll be a nice to have feature in case they wanted it. so we decide to release the first version without it.

      Thank you for the detailed feedback!

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        Ya know, sitting here hacking away on the evening on my stuff, and had something pop into my head. There was a site back in the day that would record a bunch of info about your system (browser, screen resolution, OS, etc). Never could remember the name of it, but when I did, it was quite valuable.

        As mentioned, the flip side of the coin is how hard it is as a dev to get information out out users. Maybe you're already doing this, but could see grabbing some of the aforementioned info and attaching it to the video reports.

        One other thought, doing web dev for 20+ years here, "have you tried clearing your cookies / cache" and "have you tried it in incognito mode / another browser" tends to be the primary troubleshooting questions that I ask. Could see things taking a step forward where "basic" troubleshooting things are suggested to a user and/or surveyed from the user to be able to build a more robust report.

        As a dev, if I were to get an email from a user, that checked off a few of those "common" questions as already being tried, with a snapshot of your browser info as well as a video w/ annotations..... I'd be over the fucking moon.

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          "have you tried turning it off and on again" :P

          I like the idea of having extra information in addition to the recording.
          Will add it to our roadmap, thank you!

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            No problem! Excited to see where y'all take it!

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        Voice would definitely be killer, especially /with/ the annotations.

        And yeah, devs can be a sensitive bunch, but if you can appeal to them as much as you appeal to PMs you'll have devs using your stuff, at least by way of recommendations to their customers / end users.

        I know for me personally that coercing somebody to tell you exactly what is going wrong for them is a big problem, and really just the opposite side of the "communicating with devs is time consuming" story.