Landing page first draft - I give back feedbacks

I just published the first draft of my landing page → astaree.com

Any feedback are really appreciated 🙏, and more specifically on :

  • design and colors
  • wording and typos
  • the product idea

I think IH is about helping each other, so for any feedback you give, I'll go to your landing page and comment a feedback in return.

Thanks a lot guys !

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    Lots of good feedback here. I would chip in with a couple of items:


    DON'T: Use massive amounts of red anywhere except in situations where something went wrong. If you really want to use it, I suggest very small accents. People associate red with danger. Seeing it in the header like that makes me want to close the tab, because something is not right.

    DON'T: Use so much in text in the header. Use the header to capture my attention and then expand on that idea/promise/proposition below. Tell a story about your product.

    DO: Show the app in more detail. Preferably with video or gifs. It's a new concept and I want to see how it works.

    DO: Show the benefits of what I will get when using the app. Not features. Benefits for me.

    DO: Have an about page. As new product is new. I want to see who is behind it.

    DO: Conduct 5s tests usability testing to polish up the headline. Ref: https://usabilityhub.com/product/five-second-tests


    Good further reading:

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    Visually I find it fun and unconventional which makes it stand out a bit - it doesn't feel like another classic landing page. Since it's a concept landing page I would say "it's good enough" for your goals at this moment. Design is a never-ending process that's why I like to ask myself if "it does the job" and then take it from there.

    Regarding twitter - I find it annoying that I see the follow modal immediately. It's something YouTubers do as well but I am always like "I know where the follow button is, let me see first your tweets and if I like them, I will follow you and add you in my feed."

    Therefore I would consider dropping the "follow immediately" approach and I would also add an email input there - following you on twitter doesn't mean I ll receive the updates cause twitter content dies in seconds. I would personally prefer to join the waiting list via email.

    Regarding the content and product idea - I can't understand why this is something I should invest time into - I can't understand what's the problem you solve and what the solution will look/feel like. Maybe a GIF/video at least could help me get a sense of how it will work.
    The landing page at this moment is focused on a promise "What if meetings were fun like video games" which sounds cool but I've no idea why I need it in my team workflow 😅

    Hope I helped and let me know if you need any more feedback!

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      Thanks a lot! Really good insight, especially about the Twitter CTA ! I will iterate on that.

      I took a look on your website and I find it really nice and straight to the point! Might be a little too simple though, maybe add some hero patterns ? Also you don't have any strong CTA.

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        Thanks for the feedback!

        For the simplicity aspect I agree, I use notion with super.so so I don't have many options there so I am forced to keep it simple 😅

        For the CTA my goal is to let people explore my content first and I have the CTA at the bottom of my blog posts (subscribe to my ux mailing list) where they should be convinced about what I "offer". Do you feel this approach makes sense is does it feel too buried?

        1. 1

          You're welcome! Wow cool, I didn't know about super.so

          About your CTA it really feel too buried, but it can also be a good thing since only people that are really engaged will find it, so idk ^^

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    First your colors are really bride - is a little different for eyes to handle.
    For the product idea I'm not sure what the purpose is because meetings should be productive and not a game.

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      Thanks a lot !
      I'll try to change the colors, and you are right about meetings. I'll try to rethink the idea and target audience

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    Hey, here I am! Thanks again for your feedback. I think you have a lot to improve on this page:

    • Too much orange and yellow... The design lacks a nice contrast (think ice and fire).
    • The colors of the drawing don't work with the background colors
    • The way you added the drawing: the transition with the background should be smooth
    • Visual Design is also about influencing eye movement: your design draws attention to too many spots at once... You need to create a visual flow up to your 'call to action'.
    • The color of the CTA button does not match the background... Perhaps you should look for a better color scheme on a website like https://color.adobe.com/create

    Good luck! It sounds like a great project.

    1. 1

      Thanks a lot 🙌, I will definitely iterate on that !

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    I love the concept. After having attended a virtual conference where everyone had avatars and could move freely between "booths", I am sold on this concept. Here's some feedback starting from very specific changes to more of the broad stuff:

    • You have a space between "Video Game" and your "?". This makes the "?" wrap to the next line by itself on certain screen sizes. Remove the space, and "Game?" will wrap as expected.
    • The "...to get updates" after your "Follow us on Twitter" message seems weird. I would suggest "Follow us on Twitter", then under it, have your blurb about what following gets the user.
    • On the above note, is a Twitter follow really the call to action you want? I would think collecting an email is better.
    • I like the first line "What if meetings
      looked like a Video Game?". However, I think your next line needs to be what the problem is more specifically. Something like: "The classic version of meetings are boring and non-interactive." Then hit them in the next line with the power of what you're building: "Video games are the best way to create social bond with people over the internet, and we are bringing that connection to meetings."

    Other than that, this looks good! I will definitely keep an eye on how you progress.

    1. 1

      Thanks a lot for your really detailed feedbacks 🔥
      Can I ask you what was the app you use to attend the virtual conference?

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    The idea, I love it.
    The colors, they're definitely not looking that great the way they've been used.
    The wording - I guess it works but who is your target audience?
    I.e. do you expect people to use this at work? or something else? then the copy will adapt accordingly

    1. 1

      Thanks a lot for your feedback (and for you awesome post on landing page mistakes) !
      I tried to give you a feedback on your website but I couldn't find any that seems still active :/

      1. 1

        Now I am curious...Which website did you look at?
        I only have my own blog...

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    I checked it out and here is my feedback.

    What I liked

    • Posing the title as a question kept me interested in how this would work and what it would look like.
    • The idea of the product is very interesting

    Things to work on.

    • Although I got curious about the product, it would have been nice to get more information.
    • Maybe add an email field somewhere for people who may not have twitter
    • How the colors are used should be improved
    • I think this: "Astaree is yet another meeting app" can be reworded to make your product sound more positive and exciting.
    • Add a video or animation of what the product would look like or function.
    • Add an early access button for users who are willing to try new things.
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    Seems cool! As a user, I'd like to know more. You probably would want to get something more than Twitter followers, since with that you don't know how many followed you through the website. Maybe I'd ask for the email, or something like that. Also, the colors are a bit weird in mobile!

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    Some feedback on color:

    • The black and orange is a bit jarring. I'd try to lighten it the background a little bit.
    • The mixed gradient ovals strike me as very early 90s web, I don't find it super appealing personally
    • The third paragraph extends out of the oval, which looks odd


    • Video Game probably shouldn't be capitalized in the header
    • For more than 20 years, video games have been the best way...
    • Follow us on twitter "...to get updates on development"

    Product Idea:
    It's not clear who the target audience is. Is this meant to replace meetings in a professional setting? It seems a bit of an odd fit to me personally.

    There's a lot of products in the border of this space already (for example gather.town) it would be good to distinguish your product from those.

    Best of luck with the idea!

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