April 24, 2019

Landing page for app launch


Hi guys so me and a team mostly interns are building a private social network that is installed and you can host on your own domain. The main focus for this is privacy

With ziki you can -
Create and share your stories with subscribers.

Decide what stories you want on your feed.

Choose from a curated list of visually stunning themes that make your Ziki experience an extraordinary one.

Decide who should have access to your data.

I’ll like some feedback on the landing page and if you don’t mind donate something to help get it to a good start


  1. 1

    Thanks. We’ve gotten more than a $100 already

  2. 1

    Nice start btw!

    Also, landing pages are a good places to collect emails via a main call to action, but you also have 2nd call to action to donate. I'd be interested to see if you get donations this early.

  3. 1

    Hi @seyicole,

    Have you considered being a bit more clear in your value prop at the top? The biggest text you have is "the ultimate lightweight content platform", yet your main selling point seems to be privacy and ownership.

    Also, have you considered being a bit more targeted than "content platform"? Early startups benifit from niching to stand out and "content platform" is a touch generic.

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