Landing Page Feedback April 6, 2020

Landing page for developers

Martin Capodici @mcapodici

Hi All

Please check this landing page, and roast it to shreds:

You can't yet submit the form! I will sort that out later.

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    This is an excellent landing page. It's easy to understand what your product does. The design is pleasing too.

    • When I tried to use the email sign-up form at the bottom, I think it didn't work. I got no confirmation that the email was received.
    • Seeing "free plan for life" and "paid plan coming soon" makes me feel a little bit skeptical and nervous about what I'm going to get. Perhaps if you added a couple bullet points about what's not included in the free plan, that might make me trust this more.
    • I find myself wondering further details to know that it works well. For example, do I choose the job boards that are relevant? Will I even want to, or will that be too much of a strain on my time? How will I know that the jobs it returns are good jobs? These are the types of things that can be proven over time with testimonials or product screenshots -- probably not critical now but that seems like a potential next step.

    Out of curiosity, Martin, did you use a landing page builder for this site? If so, which one?

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      Hi Ryan

      Thanks for your detailed feedback there, once I think it all makes sense for me to act on. I searched for a free theme, found this one and manually coded the changes I wanted. I then uploaded to Netlify for hosting.

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        Awesome. Thanks for letting me know. Good luck.

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    The copy is super clear and it's nice that the page doesn't have a thousand extra things.

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      Thanks Matt

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    Copy wise it's really solid, I like it gets the point through in the headline. I would take away some friction and turn the CTA button that scrolls you to the bottom into a combo (input+button) that instantly registers you since thats pretty much what the sign up section does.

    The only thing I'm not sure of is if you are going to give me relevant info once subscribed. If i'm a front end dev interested in react job offers, will I get only that? I think you should find a way to show your users you are giving them exactly what they want even before subscribing.

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      Thanks Jordienric, I think those two points are valid. I am going to think about how I can filter the jobs. Part of the problem is some of these threads just have a mix of jobs, like HN but there are ways I can narrow down the list, but I don't want to do that yet until I know it's a big problem as there are lots of other enhancements I'd like to make. Then there are boards just for React which I can just send that to anyone who wants React jobs, so they are easy to deal with.