Landing Page Feedback October 28, 2020

Landing page for my freelancing portfolio. Anything that is missing that adds more value?


I'm a freelance data engineer by profession. This is my portfolio and blogging site -
Would you be interested to provide feedback on any essential information that is missing on the landing page?

  1. About me
  2. Professional background
    I felt I could redirect the audience to my LinkedIn page hence I did not add my professional background.

And your feedback on anything that could be presented better?

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    It’s a comprehensive skill set but you’re not likely to get hired on qualifications alone. What kinds of stuff have you worked on that prove you have the skills you claim to have? Any side projects? Case studies from previous projects? Put those front and center, along with testimonials if you can get them.

    Your blog is the only thing that speaks directly to your experience, and if I were you I’d embed recent posts (or the most powerful posts) directly on the resume.

    Good luck!


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      Thanks that was very helpful.

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    I think this site instills trust. It's clear that you're a person, and that you're not trying to appear like more than what you are. By having a honest style like this, you're departing from all of the other styles of sites that try to look corporate and jackassy, (who by the way don't rely on their site for new work).

    It's a long game to run a site selling services on the web. Great that you've got a blog. Great that you've got professional experience you can talk about. One way to make the "long game" work, as you most likely know, is to publish examples regularly, work in public, educate others with video screencasts if that's quicker to publish. How to plug ___ into ___. How to get data from Amplitude into my Tableau. How to get data from Mixpanel and modify it to work with the data I've got in Snowflake.

    With that attention, you can then package some service offerings and create a value-ladder of offerings, making each differently-priced offering compete against one another instead of you competing with others in the industry.


    • A free guide
    • One consultation call to help you move out of the infrastructure mess you found yourself in
    • Two two-week sprints installing a base data infrastructure to start capturing things properly
    • A more involved custom-length engagement package; let's discuss.

    Small thing I'd improve about the page: I thought the gap above "Services I provide" made me wonder whether there anything to be found below a little bit. I'd shorten that gap a bit so the heading appears sooner.

    Good luck!

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      Thanks for your meticulous analysis. This is really helpful.

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