Landing Page Feedback February 26, 2020

Landing Page & Pricing Page


Hi 👋 everyone! We need to test a pricing page of our upcoming SAAS.

This is a short task (you will find the instruction at the beginning) - takes just 2 minutes. Oh, and there are 2 questions at the end - It will help us a lot!

Feedback Welcomed

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    Doesn't work... click on "now I am ready". nothing happen @Squirrel

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      hi @felix12777 thank you for letting me know, I checked the link and now it works :)

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    I can't click on "now I am ready". Doesn't seem to work.

    What's the actual site?

    Seems like useberry is broken.

    angular.js:15536 TypeError: Cannot read property 'reminderTasks' of undefined
    at b.$scope.addSecurityTasks (welcomeController.js?v=2502202001:254)
    at welcomeController.js?v=2502202001:245
    at angular.js:17914
    at m.$digest (angular.js:19075)
    at m.$apply (angular.js:19463)
    at k (angular.js:13312)
    at w (angular.js:13569)
    at XMLHttpRequest.E.onload (angular.js:13474) "Possibly unhandled rejection: {}"

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    Funny... This "Test is only available on the desktop computers"

    Why ?

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      Hi, It is on purpose - We are testing desktop version of the mockup

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    And done 👍

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      thank you!

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    Done :]

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      thank you!

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