May 4, 2019

Landing page + referral software?

Chris ✌️ @Chris24

Most referral software requires that you drop a piece of a code on your website. Looking to create a landing page for a Substack newsletter. Not sure if Carrd will work with most referral software. Anyone gone down a similar path? Interested to know what you did.

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    Most landing page builders will allow you to " drop a piece of a code on your website". Just checked Carrd's site and if you're on a paid plan you can do it.

    Currently building a landing page builder, will be launching tomorrow. I can help you with setting up, copywriting and I also need to build extra templates so I can create you a custom template for you as well.

    We allow you to copy the script onto your site easily.

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      Thanks, Volkan! Happy to chat about using your landing page builder once you've launched. Cheers