Landing Page Feedback January 30, 2020

Landing Page v2 Feedback

Jeff D. @1smilingnomad

Thanks for all your feedback on v1 everyone.

Based on what you shared, I've removed the buzzy words, made the message a bit more authentic (and hopefully less-salesy).

Is the message behind what I do, who I help, how I work, the results I get more compelling and clear now?


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    I like the "you are here" messed up line line line, hahah. That's so true. It would be great if you can help grow startup businesses!

    For me, it would have helped remember you/your site if there were a specific method you follow such as lean startup method. Also, I would have liked it if the offerings were more specific. Based on the testimonials, could it be like help with the cost saving, or help bring my products to the market?

    I don't have consultancy background so it may be out of my scope. But I imagine you're particularly good at certain type of startups like SASS, B2B, B2C, advertising, medical business, family business, etc. If you are doing it yourself, that kind of personal flavor would be helpful?

    And again, I never used consulting service so please take it with a grain of salt, but I don't know the differences between coaching, consulting and workshops.

    I imagine your competition would be incubators (pls correct me if I'm wrong). Maybe have a few sentences that underline the differences like personal, 1-on-1, specialized expertise, etc?

    PS: when you have time, I appreciate it if you fill out my product's survey:)

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      Thanks very much. I've worked with startups, small businesses, and larger ones as well (in a previous life as a consultant for Fortune 50s).

      Like your comment on coaching, consulting, workshops. I'm going to remove that text as others have found it confusing as well.

      Will definitely fill out your survey. Thanks!

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        @massanishi , can I also ask who did the icons/ sketches on your website? Would like to get something done like this for my site. Thanks!

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          Ok, thanks for the fillout!

          I made the logo myself, but illustrations are something I found online googling "free illustrations". Unfortunately, I cant recall the name of the creators at this moment (sorry, designer).

          You can check these guys out. They're using the same illustrations as mine, and made it very well integrated with their brand.

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            Very cool. I'll do some Googling for illustrations! Appreciate all your feedback. I just uploaded a v2 of my landing page. Thinking that I need some imagery / illustrations next to the three steps.

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    I think a lot of the text could be more concise. Try to remove some of the buzzwords and reduce some of the lists. For example, this…

    Bold Bridge Advisors provides coaching, consulting, and workshops to help impact driven business owners solve persistent problems forever, deliver consistent, predictable, and profitable growth, and amplify your impact.

    …might be better simplified to this…

    We provide the coaching, consulting, and workshops your business needs to deliver consistent and predictable growth.

    Similarly, the talk about "world changers" in your title for this post rings a bit hollow to me. Just say "entrepreneurs" or "tech founders" or "indie hackers" or whoever you're trying to talk to in the language they would use.

    The "We Are Bold Bridge" section seems a little unnecessary. I already get what you do for the most part by that point, because your header is fairly clear. I like the graph, but perhaps that could be moved into the header. At this point what I want to understand is: (1) how does the process work, and (2) why should I trust you.

    Your testimonials section is great for why I should trust you. I'm a bit confused by "take their next big leap." That sounds more like helping people get started rather than helping people grow.

    I suppose the "Request a few discovery call session" answers how the process works, but only the next step of the process. This probably isn't crucial, but I wonder what I can expect after that. An invite to a workshop? 6 days or 6 weeks or 6 months of coaching sessions?

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      Thanks @csallen! I took each of your points into consideration in my next version. Take a look if you get a chance and let me know what you think.

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    Hi Jeff,

    Good stuff! I think the message is clear but I agree with the comment that says it is a bit salesy with the buzz words, which sometimes turns people off and feels impersonal. I liked how you set up all the sections except the hero. It seems that in the others you went with a simple clean look, yet in the hero it feels like there is too much going on. I feel like there should be a good short catchy large font title text (that conveys the value of what you do) maybe with another short subtitle to explain it (but not that big paragraph) and the call to action.

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    Looks good but to me is has too many generic buzz words like "impact" and "visionary". Should check and see how they do stuff.

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      @planmoretrips - got it. I've removed most of the buzzy words. What do you think (new version above).

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      I'd like to make the voice authentic and not buzzy/ salesy, so I'll check that out.

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    Intro is good but from the "How I work" section there are too many words. No need for the part fun, friendly, immersive, iterative. The reality is most people stop reading if it is too long. Make it simple and take out as many sentences and filler words as possible. Also for your discovery call, offer it as a free consultation where they offer their problems and you give them some solutions. The objective is to connect with them so they need to get value from it and "apply" makes it sound like a process. Just my 2 cents. Good luck!

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    Yeah, not bad at all! Kudos!

    Here is my only sort of negative comment: that red on the buttons (ff0136) is really harsh on that grey background. It pulls the focus two opposing directions, which makes it difficult to focus on the immediate content.

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      @c0nsilience - Okay, I fixed that terrible grey color. Does the red look better now with the darker background in the header?

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        Yes, it has a really nice contrast to it. Good job!

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      Thanks very much. I'll try and tone down the gray vs. red. In the full site I'm going to use a dark blue in place of the gray.

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        No problem! 👍

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