May 10, 2019

Landing Pages

Tony Diaz @tonydiaz

I'm looking to use a landing page for idea validation and having a call to action to see how many people are intrested in the product.

My question is how do you get people to find this landing page?

Since I'm just validating the idea I didn't want to spend money on buying online ads to get people to the page. What have others done?

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    I get your point on not spending on online ads, but using free ways to validate ideas will not give you the results that you are looking for. The best way I suggest is by spending $5 on facebook.

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      $5 on facebook ads? Will that amount get you somewhere?

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    All the other forums linked to your business (if you're specialized, you must know which places are important to your users, be there), quora posts, social media.

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      So kind of like cold calling. Just directly engaging with them on Twitter, or comment boards about the idea?

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        I'm the one who think that if you wanna run a business, you have to be part of the community of buyers.

        If you run a business about sport, you have to be in a club, or be active in sport forums, facebook groups etc.

        Dont use twitter if you've never used twitter and never got active on it. You wont have any interested community.

        So yeah, cold calling from the places where you community is located. Will need more informations about your idea for target suggestions :p

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          It would be basically a food truck management system. An obvious choice would be going to where the food trucks are serving people.

          I'm definitely apprehensive approaching them. Also, feel like I would be bothering them while they are trying to do business.

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            Yeah I'm facing exactly the same feeling (my business focus on entrepreneur, coworking space, event managers etc).

            But I'm pretty sure facing this fear of people will make you join the 1% of startup that succeed. 99% of startups never go out of the darkness just because people fear approaching their audience.

            This will generate feedback, better knowledge of your audience, enhancement of your offer, people will talk about you more.

            Do it and you'll be part of the 1%, dont do it and you'll stay into the 99% ^^

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      Oh and you can post on, i'd appreciate to see new idea come on the website :D

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        I presume that you are part of this team? :D

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          Hehe exactly, I work alone on this project, still looking for partners :P

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            Dude, this looks awesome! Is there an 'about' page where I can check the timeline of the development? And you worked on this alone? how much have you spent? sorry, I'm really excited on how 1 guy made an amazing thing.

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              Haha thanks man :D I'm currently building the about page, I'm not good at presentations :P

              I've spent 36€ for the domain name, that's all xD I'm dev so building this wasnt that hard ^^

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                How long did it took you to build it? how many active users do you have from day one? What goal do you have in mind?

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                  Took me a bit more than 2 months but could rush it even more. Decided to take my time.

                  Launched it a month ago. Currently have 31 registered users. Didnt target that much marketing as this is a pain for me. I'm entering datas on my own to start getting tons of result on google.

                  The goal is to reference every entrepreneur entities of the world :p

                  Be able to export your CV in pdf in one click, register to events directly through the platform, subscribe to coworking spaces, apply to startups, get in touch with investors and so on. Basically improving every pages so entities can manage their business through the platform :)