Landing Pages to Validate Idea

Hi IHers’

So I am currently trying to build a landing page with great copy and mock up wireframes to validate an idea/problem.

I want to ask the community (as a non tech person)

  1. What landing page builder would you use?
  2. Is Figma a good tool to draw out SaaS web app wireframes? Or draw it on a piece of paper then commission a UX designer on Upwork?
  3. What are some great “idea validation” landing pages that conveys great copy as well as design? Please share if it’s your own or if you have seen any!

Any other advice would be appreciated!

Want to dedicate a 1 week sprint to get this test up and running!


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    Figma is a great tool, if you have some design skills, you should definitely use it, but if you don't have design skills, someone else would probably do a better job.

    I see that you want to create a landing page to validate your idea but there might be another way. I'm currently working on https://www.thisismylaunch.com/ , it's a platform where you can post your project, it can be just an idea or an MVP, and you can use it to collect feedback, validate your idea and build your audience.

    So instead of spending time and money on creating a website and landing page, you can use your project's page and when you validate your idea, when you know you have something people want, then you can build your website and grow your business from there.
    If you are interested, you can sign up for early access. Everything is completely free to use.

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    I am not sure if a landing page is the best way to validate an idea. I would rather recommend talking to people by not directly pitching the idea. Check out The Mom test, there is also a nice Indiehackers podcast episode. You can learn much more from talking to potential customers than from some analytics data.

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      Thanks! Read the book a few times and it has really helped in framing my conversations with around 20 prospects

      My intention was that I have a thesis now on the problem and the customer persona, but would like to now expand the reach using SEO and paid ads to a wider audience (same persona) and further test demand, hence the landing page. More like a final litmus test before the MVP stage.

      Do you think that would/would not be a good use of time?

      Thanks for your comment btw!

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        Ah ok, then it is valid decision I think when it takes you only about one week to get it running.

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