Growth December 30, 2019

Last year less than 1% of people posted weekly to LinkedIn. What's holding you back from posting more?

Jon Ivanco @jrivanco

LinkedIn is quickly becoming a great network to stand out and I'm surprised how many people aren't actively contributing to the platform.

The hardest part for me has been knowing what to post about - I'm 100x better at answering questions than coming up with topics off the top of my head to talk about.

What's the hardest part for everyone?

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    What exactly makes LinkedIn a great network? Most of the posts I see there are spam or just people promoting their services, imo it's worse than Facebook as a Social Network.

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      Ok let's assume it's not good. What is another network that you find more value in currently?

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        Depends on the question, find value for what? Promoting my products? Finding new business partners? Mindlessly scrolling through a news feed? Learn about new technology or related news? Finding a new job? Asserting the value of a specific person?

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          Let's get real here for a second -

          Promoting my products?
          This is going to be a private newsletter or new aggregator/community you run around your industry or something related to your product.

          Finding new business partners?
          You're going to use something like competitor research owler maybe to find people with complementary products then LinkedIn to look up the company and find the name of the person then to get an email address if you don't have a 2nd degree connection.

          Mindlessly scrolling through a news feed?
          We have reddit for this, it's better.

          Learn about new technology or related news?
          Google News or more likely an RSS feed if you're serious.

          Finding a new job?
          LinkedIn is a decent place to start but after a certain point it's people you've previously worked with and remain close or a recruiter more likely the latter. Depending on your role, hireclub, hired, or something else.

          Asserting the value of a specific person?
          You can only do this after a conversation. See above.

          If you feel like answering the question you can, but responding with questions we all know the answers to doesn't really help. Cheers!

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            Well, I don't use LinkedIn as a social network, that's why I asked why would I use it. I tried using it and the content on it was not something worth spending time on. It was a genuine question as I don't understand why I would scroll through the LinkedIn feed.

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              All good. We're not understanding each other. Not going to worry about it.

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    My challenge is about duplicating effort. I want to write more on our blog in 2020, and on LinkedIn. I am thinking of reposting on LinkedIn as articles. Thing is, I see mixed reviews on this approach. Some say it hurts your google SEO if the content is in multiple places. Others say that isn’t the case any more. So I just don’t know.

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      Why not write on your blog then do a short video for LinkedIn?

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        I do enough video on my channel ( And the type of content I plan to write is better served in article format. Video doesn’t always tend to work well to showcase that same information. I think I will try the cross posting and see how it fairs in the Google SEO jungle.

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    @jrivanco , if you are good at answering others, why not use that to your advantage? Take the question and spin it into a LinkedIn article. Then respond to the person on LinkedIn, linking them to the article. Just make sure your article is SEO friendly and findable, and greenfield... so it lasts beyond answering that one person’s question.

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      My project for 2020 is My goal is to answer the question, post on LinkedIn and my personal blog then share from there.

      For me it's about consistency and I hope to be able to pick a few mediums that work.

      YouTube and LinkedIn are looking to be the two that I will spend some time on. Got to get out of my comfort zone.

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        Consistency is key. Good luck!

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    You could respond to people on LinkedIn, either people in your network or search for posts on hashtags.

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      When I'm active on LinkedIn I go all in, I respond to lots of people and have some pretty good conversations, just wondering what other people's challenges are.

      It's content creation that is the current bottle neck for me but I'm working on something to solve for that.