Landing Page Feedback April 5, 2020

Launch in 2 weeks ! Need feedback on SAAS landing page

Naman Kamra @namkam5

We've built a checkout funnel builder that lets you build checkout popups and funnels without writing any code and that you can embed on any website or landing page. at

Is the value proposition clear ? Do you understand what the product does ? Does it help you see how it could benefit your website or business ?

Our product is 80% ready but we wanted to get some feedback on our landing page and user feedback if you would use our product, please comment below on your thoughts

We would love your feedback !

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    I like it. Simple, clean looking, easy to understand. I get the value proposition. One really minor thing is, that it is quite "green". So maybe think about introducing a secondary color, such as a light or greyish blue or something, which you use for some of the UI elements or have some floating icons or sth similar. It might be worth an experiment.

    Also a great product idea. Even though there are a couple solutions, e.g. Stripe Checkouts, I also think that there is room for improvement, especially when it comes to making things easier (for no-coders). Good job!

    Price seems reasonable as well. You could also do a metered kind of trial, which is quite common with payment providers (e.g. Stripe Billing). So people can start for free and set everything up without having any time pressure to start selling soon. So maybe have the first X transactions or the first Y processed dollars for free

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      Thanks Simon !, This is exactly the kind of feedback we're looking for. Yes we're still trying to explore how best to provide a trial without forcing them to start paying too early which may cause friction in onboarding them.

      We will explore better design and UI, its something that is core to our values to make it looks as beautiful as possible.

      Appreciate your feedback !

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    The site is clean and easy to understand, images are fine too, as a dev, try to increase the load speed, the site it's taking 6 seconds to render in mobile, try to get a better score in page speed.

    Thinks you can do:

    1. Critical CSS.
    2. Images lazy loading.
    3. Try to compress better the images, using WEBP format for example.

    Remember the percent of leads is directly proportional to the loading time of your landing.

    Amazing JOB.

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      First of all, Viktor, Kudos for having an eye for performance, We know about this and will be fixing it before we start our free trial, but you're right, if we're gonna drive traffic to the landing page we need to make sure its fast and snappy
      Thanks !

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    Nice, simple and to the point.
    I wouldn't change anything design-wise. Maybe add some isolated imagery or illustrations at some point towards the end of the page, that seems slightly less detailed than how it starts off.
    I'd also introduce another plan, I for instance would start with 2 websites at most right now.
    Otherwise great job!

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      Hi Ste thanks for your feedback, we are planning to have a 14 day trial on our current one plan, so when you say another plan do you mean limit the users on number of sites they can implement the funnel on ?

      Can you please tell me what was your thought behind that idea, did you mean a plan for freelancers and agencies building sites for their own clients ?

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        Yes, exactly, I have two projects, one of mine and one for a client where that could be implemented. A plan below $10 would be interesting to try it out, along with the trial.

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          Okay thats very valuable feedback, How about we do this, your first 3 months for both the projects are on us :)

          Will invite you to the beta soon. dropping you an email now.

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            That's great, thank you very much, I will take you up on that offer!

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    Great name and nice project @namkam5

    Is the value proposition clear ?

    • Yes it's. Like your simple terms.

    Do you understand what the product does ?

    • Great content and nice gif demo. Nice choice of UI!

    Does it help you see how it could benefit your website or business ?

    • It would be nicer to see a case study

    I'm also re-working on my site, keen to hear your advice!

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      Hi Felix, Thanks for the feedback, i'll see if i can add more content in the future that gives different use-cases.

      I like your landing page, its clean and simple, I am not entirely sure what users who are in this market looking for, is their pain point making beautiful presentations ?
      My guess is beauty in presentation software is nice to have and not a necessity ( again not sure of this market just a guess)

      maybe you could change your value proposition around something else ? something like they were YC backed and they cater to founders and people who pitch to investors, maybe thats the kind of positioning you want to do.

      So you know exactly who your user is, but again you're doing $200/mo so i'm sure you've researched your user personas.

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    As I promised, my feedback: the page is extremely clear and easy to understand. My only concern is why would I use you over some big, more credible player. So once u have some customers, I would add that info there.

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      Thanks Lukas, i've actually tried to find a credible player but most of them either make the user host the payment funnel on their own page (stripe checkout) and for popups you have to write your own code

      I actually built this because i wanted these features multiple times and couldn't find a good product that supported this

      but i'll keep this in mind, something to let them know why they should choose us over stripe or gumroad or something else.

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        i see. ok, exactly :)

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    I love the design and especially the animated gif at the very top of your page. It makes it crystal clear how your product works. As already said before I would suggest adding more pricing options with a free trial to fully test your product. $14.99 per month seems to expensive for me to do a proper test.

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      Thanks Mikas !, We're currently pre-launch so the CTA is email collection but we do have a 14 day free trial to help smoothen the onboarding.

      Appreciate your feedback !

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    I think it's a great idea and front page is clear and intuitive. If anything I would offer more payment options. A free trial or such before people start using

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      Thanks for the feedback dmock!, we will definitely have a free trial.

      We’re currently trying to collect our first 20 users who will use it free for 6 months and help us shape our product

      If that sounds like you do let me know :)

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    Hi! It's simple and easy to understand. I'd probably made in the right video/gif a bit faster. Overall it's a great job.

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      Thanks dominiklako ! appreciate it !