Launch VC-Founders Virtual Office Hours on Product Hunt

Hey Indie Hackers👋

There actually are enough hours in the day to connect. Join the network as a founder to be notified when the VCs are open their virtual office hours on Remotehour. Then, jump into their room to chat when they’re available.

Scheduled events and notifications when the VCs are online, which eliminates the need for countless back and forth planning meetings. You’ll always be able to connect when you need to chat.

By joining, founders who are fundraising remotely will get opportunities to connect with great VC firms.

VC representatives will receive pitches from quality founders when it is convenient for them, without all the back and forth that comes with scheduling.

Complete the call directly within your browser to avoid installing multiple call software and easily know whether or not someone is available to take your call!

As we enter the remote working boom, we also say “goodbye” to scheduled meetings and “hello” to the open-door policy again!

Fundraising remotely has never been easier 😍


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