Launched a local independent business directory showcasing offers during lockdown and it's blown up (Edinburgh)

Hey All,

I built a directory site using Webflow to try and collate some of the great initiatives that were circulating via Social (but really hard to find again or get the right details from).

Here's the site:

I launched on Monday evening and we're experiencing 2x growth everyday through organic referrals (c. 2K Uniques yesterday). I can't keep up with requests for businesses to be featured....

If anyone is thinking - What can I do right now? Do this - it's super simple to set up and there's a HUGE demand for it in local areas as small businesses fight to stay afloat. Their great work deserves to find their local people.

Want more info - just message me here :)

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    I've always thought localised and relevant directories could be a nice way to make a sustainable income, the lockdown makes them even more relevant.

    I almost threw one together when someone local requested one.

    Nice site. Is the template available? :)

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      It's built using webflow, so it's very easy to replicate. You'd just need your own brand and URL to appeal to people where you are. If you'd like to discuss drop me an email at [email protected]

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        Hi @Tom_UK_Designer, just emailed you. Would appreciate if you can help me. Cheers

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        This comment was deleted a year ago.

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    This is fabulous. I've dropped you an email, hope to hear back.

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    Hey this is really awesome! How did you get your initial data for the website? Did it feature many businesses to start with?

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      We scoured our local social feeds and found stuff that was going on that way. That was the places we saw the problem first - loads of businesses post there and then it gets lost after a day or two...

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    This is great! Did you use any other platform's besides webflow?

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      We use Webflow, Zapier, Mailchimp for newsletter sign up and we're about to implement Memberstack :)

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    Update to this post. We've now seen 22,000 site visits since we started with zero press coverage to date (working on that). So mostly referrals from facebook / instagram and direct.

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    THIS is a good idea. 2 questions...

    1. do you make any money at this or are you just doing it to help local businesses?

    2. how do you get the word out with everyone being home and this being super localized (from what it looks like)? Maybe other than your personal facebook page.

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      Not looking to make any money from this directly. My goal was to build my personal reputation locally with the same audience I will be launching my startup to in future :)

      We've been engaging with people through facebook groups mostly. FB is great for passionate people in local groups, but it's terrible at showing directory information like we do so people are happy to use us instead!

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    I love the idea and the design, but the domain name length is 28 characters (including the tld) which is hard to remember.

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      Great point! Luckily it's being shared around online so the ability to recall doesn't matter so much.

      We actually got started because of another lockdown economy in Bristol (a friend of mine) gave me the idea so went with the same nomenclature.

      Finally, it includes some keywords we're trying to win for - "Lockdown' and 'Edinburgh' in particular but also economy which is a huge worry for a lot of people right now. I'm no SEO specialist but I think having some key words like this in your URL contributes. Every little helps :)

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    Have you done any marketing for your site? How are all these businesses discovering you?

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      So far we've concentrated on local facebook groups and our own personal (local) relationships. We only made our social pages and email newsletter a few days ago but those have seen good uptake which gives us a more direct channel to go back out to these folk.

      We're now talking with local newspapers to feature us online, which should happen within the week.

      We will explore facebook ads as well at some point over the coming weeks :)

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