Growth August 13, 2020

Launched AnyForm: Put any form/survey at your own domain, and brand it

Alex Furman @alexfur

Hey guys!

AnyForm is a re-launch of a tiny side project I built a few months ago (and launched on IH).

The original project was a simple way to add custom CSS to a Google Form (Google gives you almost zero customization options), in order to make your forms/surveys look more on-brand and professional.

The original project flopped entirely.

Some lessons I learned:

  1. Businesses want to click buttons to customize things, not type out custom code.
  2. Google Forms is just one form/survey product which matches this problem. Airtable forms is also limited in customization options, for example. I wasn't targeting the full market.

So, I re-built AnyForm as a way to put ANY form/survey at a custom domain and add custom branding, all without coding.

As an example, I've used AnyForm to create a branded Airtable form. Without AnyForm, that would be stuck at without my custom branding on the page.
(you can actually sign up for AnyForm at that link).

AnyForm is live on PH at, if you'd like to throw me an upvote :).

Would love to hear what you guys think!

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