April 18, 2019

Launched chrome extension for everyday user!


After almost 1 year of execution and 1000+ hrs of development cost, I have finally launched my chrome extension.

Dashify converts your chrome new tab into dashboard with awesome background image, quotes, news, weather, todo, bookmarks and many more widgets.


I would like to get some feedback about the chrome extension. Chrome extension is free so please try and let me know. I plan to introduce paid advanced features in next couple of months. My website is still under development. Let me know what you guys think and if you have any suggestions, issues or ideas for the product.

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    Hey @splanet,

    thats a nice new tab extension. do you plan to port it to Firefox?


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      @spekulatius Yes. Launching paid membership next month, then porting to firefox.

      I just show your chrome extension. I only have 1 social account but very useful for people who uses different social logins.

      I plan to do promote other useful apps / extensions in my extension in future, maybe we can collaborate

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        Cool. Keep me updated on your progress!

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    hey @splanet I think you have created a chrome extension that does it all, from reading news, to calculating exchange rates and also sending astronauts to the moon.

    The problem? You have created what is known as "software bloat" or "bloatware", you are not resolving any concrete issue for a concrete buyer persona (actually your extension looks like a whole operating system).

    I recommend you to read about "customer development", a concept introduced by Steve Blank, there is a good book from him: "The Startup Owner's Manual", you will save more than 1000 hours of development costs so the books pay for itself.

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      @arielc Thanks ! Yes, I agree I didn't create this extension to solve any big issues but bunch of small issues like

      • backup for your bookmarks if anything happens to your laptop
      • sync and access your bookmarks, todo and data across multiple laptop
      • if you are searching for a product, you have to go to different website and search same keyword. Dashify can do that with on click for you
      • if you are one of those people who likes to see social media and news every couple of hours and you have 100s of tabs open, you can use dashify to reduce that by using widgets

      and there are many other small issues it solves and planning to solve.

      I am trying to see how I can make little things user do on web better. But again I think I need to showcase all issues dashify can solve for users in a video or home page and chrome extension.

      I will check the book.

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        @splanet sure, the problem is you have to focus on 1 problem, 1 type of user, and start from there, for example, a friend of mine is the founder of historysearch.com, he just does one thing (saving bookmarks content, not only urls) and he has spent 3 years developing and growing only that, that's why he has paid users, a very tailored target market (mostly web developers and freelancers, etc)

        There are extensions for every topic you are listing and they are very specialized, they know they target customer, they can focus on being the best in what they do.

        If you don't know who is your customer, where he is located physically, what is the specific problem you are solving (in less than 5 words), it's really hard to acquire customers and make them pay for what you offer.

        Remember, less is better, every feature you add makes your software worst, you have to avoid the feature creep.

        Another interesting and very famous post from Andrew Chen:

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    I have to say: wow.
    Register / skip registration phase is a little bit confusing (why do I need to register for a chrome extension ?) but after that there is a "virtual" desktop full of content.

    Is not my style to use similar system in the browser if I already have all on my laptop, maybe someone else can find id useful. You have for sure to work on explain all this stuff, I mean let people understand your proposed value. Maybe in some kind of corporate environment with closed system and only a chrome running instance, this extension could be useful ?

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      Thanks for feedback ! Registration is for you to be able to access your todos, bookmarks and other dashify data on multiple computers. I should mention that on registration page. Also it stores your data in cloud so you have backup of your bookmarks and other data if something goes wrong with your laptop,

      I do plan to create some videos on its proposed value. But I think it will be most useful for people who spend lot of time on laptop and likes to check social media, news etc on different tabs or phone. This gives them flexibility to check everything in one environment. Current version all rolled out is common everyday features. But eventually I do want to go in productivity and other specific niche and focus more targeted users.

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