May 22, 2019

💪 Launched my first app! Simple Workout, a weightlifting tracking tool

Harry @hazza


I wasn't happy with other Android weightlifting apps, so I decided to build my own. I've optimised for ease-of-use (what I felt other apps failed at) and speed – you want to lift, not use an app!

I've always been one to start a project, and never finish it. I set aside some time over the weekend, figured out a achievable feature-set, and built it.

Feels good to finally launch something!

Built using Googles Flutter. Happy to discuss anything related to the product or the development process (or anything really!)

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    Great design. I like button placement.

  2. 2

    I like it, Android only right now?

    1. 1

      Yes unfortunately! Built with Flutter (which is cross platform), so in theory its very easy for me to release this on iOS.

      I don't have an iPhone though, so I'll have to borrow one to test it out :)

  3. 2

    Does it connect to a smart wearable?

    I love that minimalist approach of feature butchering!

    1. 1

      No smart wearables I'm afraid, only the app.

      I definitely want to flesh out the functionality a bit more (support for running + maps would be fantastic), but I want to do it intelligently so that the easy UX is not impacted.

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    I've been lifting weights for many years and haven't seen a decent app yet. Will check it out!

    1. 1

      I had the same issue! Let me know how it goes - very happy to switch things up based on real feedback.