May 25, 2019

Launched my first Shopify App! 🚀🚀🚀

Alex Daro @AlexDaro

Hey hackers! Check out my first Shopify app. It’s a tool to help store owners schedule theme updates.

I built and launched this over the last two weeks and i’m looking to get some feedback, specifically on marketing and copy.

Over the next week I will be focusing on a few things...

  • Talking to potential customers

  • Blogging and SEO’ing the App Store page.

  • building out additional features that I charge for.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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    My app just launched in the Shopify app store about 2 months ago:

    Let me know if you ever wanna chat Shopify app specific stuff.

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      Nice @patrickbolle! Definitely :) following you now.

      Any tips for getting your first reviews?

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    How is adoption going at your price point?

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    I’m starting to learn about the Shopify platform, is it relatively easy or hard to get users?

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    Nice! I have a couple private apps and have done a bunch of shopify work.

    Your copy looks good. I would just continue to elaborate on it. Take a look at some of the popular shopify app pages out there ( bold apps is the first that comes it mind).

    And once you get some customers, really try to get them to leave reviews. That is key for the rankings.

    Congrats on the launch

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      Thanks @igrabes! Will definitely be adding more and elaborating. That was actually the first recommendation the Shopify app team gave me, so it’s good to know you feel the same. That will be the next thing I focus on, perhaps hire a copywriter.

      Did you build apps for Shopify or were you doing client work?

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        The apps I built were for clients but I retained the IP so I could sell them to other customers.