Launched my newsletter today and got my first subscriber

Hello! This is my first post on Indie Hackers. I launched a local newsletter today for my community and I received my first subscriber from a Facebook Ad that I am running. I will be updating my progress weekly. Looking forward to connecting with everyone!

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    Congrats! The beginning is all about doing things that don't scale. Going the ad way, I recommend Reddit ads as well if you can find you local audience there (they're quite cheap).

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      Thank you and thank you for the tip, I will look into them!

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    Congratulations! I'd be interested to see how the Facebook ads go as well (I've not tried this route yet). What's the newsletter about?

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      Thank you! I will definitely share the results. I am running the ad for 4 days just to get acquainted with Facebook ads (this is my first). It is kind of like a daily mini magazine for my local community featuring local businesses (about 800,000 people). I have restaurants to try, deals/sales from local businesses, business features, etc.

      It seemed much more time efficient to start a newsletter rather than a full on blog.

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        That sounds like a great project.

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    Cool, congratulations! :)

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    Congrats! Good luck!

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    Nice! Congrats on the launch. How much did it cost you in ad spend to acquire the subscriber?

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      $1.30. I am running the campaign over 4 days so I'll do a post after it is over with all of the stats.

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    Welcome and good luck!

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