Product Development April 12, 2020

Launched my product on PH

Dylan Gye @qweroot

Hey hackers.
I have just launched my product on PH, feel free to check it out.

It's a web app that allows you to transfer files between mobile and desktop without installing any plugin or application.

The story behind this app is that I was really struggled with sending a couple of photos or files from iPhone to desktop, almost every service requires installing applications both on my phone and desktop. So I did some research and found a technology called WebRTC, it's really cool since we can transfer any kind of data through an encrypted p2p channel, just in the browser.

I immediately started building this project and during research about how to marketing my product, I've found some cool communities like PH and IH. I also found some similar services on PH like ShareDrop, SnapDrop, they are all using WebRTC and running very smoothly. At first, this really discouraged me since it looks like I just copied someone's idea, and wanted to give up. But lurking around on the Indie hackers for a couple of weeks changed my mind, and I thought I should finish this project.

Thanks to Indie Hackers, this community really helps indie hackers to grow up and keep productivity.

Anyway, thanks for reading through this boring post and you can try out to send a couple of photos with Fladrop, it's really simple and completely free, also if you like it, feel free to give an upvote on PH.


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    I like the idea! Upvoted!

    Suggestion: you should let me upload the file(s) first and then generate the QR code / link to share on the other device. The way you have it now, you have to activate it on both devices to make it work, and it's not very obvious that I have to do that to make it work

    PS: I'm your first follower on PH :) It would be great if you could follow me back:

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      Thank you for your feedback @tonixx, also followed you both on IH and PH.😉

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        Thx! Please let me know when you need my support :)

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    very cool service, didn't know this was even possible xd okay now I sound like a n00b, but still, very cool project/idea

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      Thanks @Ishtar!