Launched my social media app Graffiti Maps, for travelers and those who are just looking for cool places near or far.

So I've been working on this app for a while now. On and off for about 3 years but pretty consistently for about a year or so. It's gone through more iterations than I can count. And obviously, I'm always making tweaks and improvements, especially for the website.

The name of the app is Graffiti Maps-Places Traveled or just Graffiti Maps for short.

The concept is simple, allow people to create a Spot on a map using only a photo from your photo library. Or if you're at the spot, you can just take the picture then and there. Then, like Instagram, you can view other people's spots, but you can also navigate to them since they're actual locations not just photos.

You can also organize spots using Walls (very similar to walls in Pinterest).

Right now, I'm trying to grow the user base, which is a toooon of work. But I'm chipping away at it. I've been trying to target Facebook Groups. I've also been trying to target Reddit, but I'm pretty much just getting banned.

What are your suggestions for how to promote it?

Let me know what you guys think of the app and the website also.

The app is on the iOS App Store: https://apps.apple.com/il/app/graffiti-social-location/id1383348851

And here's the web version: https://graffitiapp.co/

PS. My brother and I have had this idea for I'd say about 15 years 😂 but we've finally now built it. Or I should say we are building it, I mean, are you ever really finished lol?

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    The concept is super cool ! However, I was expecting to see a map, since you mentionned it in the App's name 😉 I think you could totally benefit from adding a map with all the spots, on the front page. That could increase visitor's time on your page, since it's interactive content. But otherwise, it's a super cool idea 😁

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      Thanks so much for the feedback! Yeah, the app is based on a map, but i don’t have the map on the webpage. I’ll have to think about how to implement a map in a good way. Appreciate the suggestion.

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