Launched redesigned Outseta website on Webflow

Hey all!

We just launched a completely redesigned website for Outseta, which is the first iteration of our website built on Webflow.

Any and all feedback (especially from no-coders) is appreciated!


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    Hey new website looks great! I went to see if you were on Product Hunt and it looked like you didn't do great on that launch, have you thought about launching again. If so me and my team could defiantly help you out.

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      Hey Jake! Thanks for giving the new site a look. We launched on PH 3-4 years ago, but haven't relaunched at all as the platform has evolved. Probably a good strategy to consider for later this year!

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        New platform is very good looking, send me a message when your ready to launch I can give you a hand!

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    Really nice redesign. I love that you spelled out the benefits so clearly in each section too, and also that you pointed out which other services your system replaces.

    Generally I hate it when startups 'bag' their competition, but in your case, I think you did it really respectfully and objectively. Makes it easy for me to see and mentally figure out which services I can save subscription costs on when considering switching.

    I am going to have to steal some ideas from your page for our own marketing website! 😋

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      Awesome, thanks Devan! Yeah, I have similar feelings about competitors—in this case we're definitely trying to give the user a frame of reference in terms of which products we typically replace/compete with, but without "calling them out" in any way.

      My general approach with competitors is A) There's plenty of market out there for us all, and B) Talk about what we do well, not what competitors do/don't do well.

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    Hey Geoff, I had a look and left some feedback here

    Overall a really nice UI. I added a few pointers but you've done a great job!

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      Hi @pips! Thank so much for taking the time to send this along, I think you raised some great points. Especially the fonts being a bit large and some of the iconography could communicate more than it does. Appreciate it!


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      A side observation here: I think that it is cool that you used your own service to post feedback, however just letting you know that for me, it took a long time to load anything - I was watching the 'loading dancing balls' for at least 6 to 8 seconds before I saw anything, which as it turns out NOT the feedback I wanted to see, but rather a page asking me to sign up to see the feedback.

      It might be better if your basic feedback page was publicly accessible rather than forcing people to sign up. Of course, if they wanted to post their response or interact more, then signing up makes sense - but for casual observers who just want to get a taste of what your product does or looks like, that is a bit of a turn off. Just my 2 cents.

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        Hi Devan, you don't need to sign up to see the feedback - what did the page look like? Was it an overlay on the feedback board, or a separate page entirely (with a light background)? I may have accidentally made the board private. Should now be public. No one is forced to sign up!

        In terms of load, it loads swiftly for me, so may have been an issue on your end. Normally the load time reflects the load time of the actual site, i.e. if the site loads quickly, it'll load quickly. The first load takes the longest and then it's indexed.

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          Hi Pip,

          Just tried it again, and it is a white overlay "Sign up to comment on this board" over what looks like the new Outseta site. Still took about 4 or 5 seconds to load for me. The "Loading Design" animation was what took the longest.

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            Click 'Skip for now' at the bottom and it should close the overlay. Should probably make that clearer but I'm launching 'Guest Commenting' next week!

            4/5 secs is acceptable for me - my target user isn't loading a website actual use, they're loading a tool for professional use. E.g. when I load Figma/Webflow canvas, it can take upwards of 10-15 seconds depending on how heavy my build is, but this is a one-time load and then I can get to work.

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