Launching a new product, what do you think? ❤️

This is the sequel to: "Documenting the launch of a new product from day 1"

It's day 23 and I haven't posted in weeks!


I didn't make it too far with the whole "I'll write a post everyday" thing. I notoriously bite off way more than I can chew.

BUT. Let's iterate.

Maybe a post every week? That seems more reasonable.

Anyways, me and the team have been CRAZY busy making headway on our new product. Previously, I said that we'd be shipping this week—that is sort of true. We are "submitting" hint this week.. so not too far behind.

In my first post about this new product launch, I didn't give away too much information about what it is we are working on, but rather why. I want to tell the IndieHackers community first. I love this community so much for the reciprocal feedback we receive here.

🚨 We are launching a free personal use product 🚨

What does that mean?

Okay, so Obie has historically been a product for teams. Specifically, larger mid-market organizations. But it wasn't lost on us that individuals have their own workflow for capturing and accessing knowledge at work. The blessing and the curse has been our dependency to Slack. See, Slack is a beautifully unique interface for Obie's team use case, but doesn't lend itself to a single-player mode, so to speak. Currently, it's the only way to interface with our product.

That's why we decided to remove that dependency and build a version of Obie that is browser-first.

Obie ChromeObie Chrome 2Obie Chrome 3

☝️ a little sneak peak - what do you think?

We're toying around with the idea of opening up an early access program. Is this something you can see yourself using? Why/why not?

Would love feedback from the Indie Hackers community!

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    I would use it. In an effort to keep things neatly in one place, I add all my tools, notes and resources on Notion. That's my workaround, so to speak. It takes time and effort to maintain, so your tool (still Obie One?) could remove some of the friction.

    Keep posting! You've got a reader here.

    1. 2

      Thank you my good man! I appreciate the feedback.

      I just put together this typeform .. if you want early access, toss your email in there and you'll be the first to know when it's live!

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