Product Development March 25, 2020

Launching a no-code tool

Michael Skelly @skellystudios

Hey guys –

Today I'm launching my no-code tool for creating internal systems. The idea is to let people create internal systems to replace the stuff they're doing in spreadsheets etc.

You can check it out here:

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    Congrats on the launch. From the copy that you have on the website I couldn't really figure out what the product does. Also, you don't have any additional explanation on your PH post to generate discussion.

    What's the difference between Tectonic, Stacker, and Portify? Why three related tools? Not hating - generally curious.

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      Thanks for the feedback on the copy... really need to get that much crisper.

      Re: the three products, we're basically working towards having a suite of three tools – An internal business system (Tectonic) powered by data merged from across the products you love (Portify) and then used to power customer-facing portals (Stacker)

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        You're shipping a lot, very cool. I'll check them out closer.