May 3, 2019

Launching App for the first time. Need help from experienced techies.

Avinash @avinashchby

Dear IndieHackers

We just released our Practice App for academic students (high school and below), and have started sharing it out with selected users/people whom we know directly or friends or friends.

We want to finalise and setup a stable and scalable user monitoring system including error monitoring, user experience and journey monitoring to see what challenges/issues the students are facing, or are able to understand the entire features easily or not, if they are facing any issue in the payment process and also want to monitor overall user behaviour and issue they face while using our app.

Can you please share your inputs, thoughts on the systems/tech interface that we can setup to do this most efficiently.

Some of the common best practices to avoid setbacks would also help as we are pretty new to this.

PS: The app is both for teacher and student so we are promoting to both kind of the audience and the app is android based only for now.


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    Mixpanel is great for mobile apps but can be expensive. I ended up going for with a better free tier and web app support.

    In any case, we use to actually implement the tracking in our code and that allows to send the events to any analytics app and more. in the learning center, they have some great articles for newbies about how to think about metrics and analytics. Highly recommend them even if you don't end up using them.

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    For iOS dev, I've used Mixpanel for monitoring. From what I remember it took about a 30min to an hour to get set up with a couple of key events inside of an existing app. I really enjoyed using it and it made it much easier to focus our thinking on what we were measuring rather than how to measure it.

    This was back in like 2015-16ish and I think there are even more players in this space now so I'm sure it's worth looking around for alternatives but could be a good place to start.