Launching in COVID-19 times?

After months of working on The Failory Podcast, we finally have 14 episodes recorded and we're almost ready to be published.

I've already got Transistor.fm for hosting, hired someone to design the cover art and have written the copywriting for the titles and descriptions.

But... should I launch? That's the question I'm asking myself.

On the one side, more people are in their homes doing quarantine, which means they probably have more free time to listen to 30/40-minute podcast episodes.

But on the other side, are these people even interested in listening to a business podcast right now? The whole attention is put into COVID-19 and will be for the upcoming weeks.

What do you think?

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    Launching is overrated, the Airbnb founder launched several times , maybe you can do the same after each season. I think people are getting tired of hearing the same topic over and over, you can benefit from that.

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      Great, I'm convinced. I'm launching it :)

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        Great ! Good luck with the launching !

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    What have you got to lose if you launch it?

    Maybe it won't have as big as an impact, or maybe it will, but would there be a bigger loss if you don't do anything and leave all your hard work go to waste?

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      Yep, agree. With no launching, anyway, I meant not doing it now but in a few weeks.

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    launch. tomorrow does not exist

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    I think launching a SaaS is not a rocket launch :D You can launch it several times iterating the original product.

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    I think it's a great idea. Lots of ppl are worried about loosing their jobs and thinking about side hustles and online businesses to sustain themselves economically. You should tailor the content specifically to things you can do during the times of covid 19 because a lot of conventional advise may not work right now

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    Yea just go for it - you're going to evolve the show and audience over time anyway. Might as well get it out there and start getting feedback 👍.

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    I think you should launch it. Its getting very tiresome keeping with all the COVID-19 news. People need some breakaway from that. Business podcasts seems a very good idea.

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    7 days ago, I was wondering the same question and so I asked on twitter:

    You can find the answers of Ryan Hoover @rrhoover (Product Hunt) and Pieter Levels @levelsio (Nomadlist).

    On my side, I also have two ongoing projects:

    Plant My Forest needs a media relay and virality to exist, and the media (in general) is already busy.
    Launching Insta to blog should be simpler at this time.

    In your case, I think launching entertaining content projects seems like the right time.

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      Great, thanks for sharing that!

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    I think there is no harm in launching now. I would even say that might be launching too late because 14 episodes feels like a lot of episodes. I am not a podcast host, so I don't know if podcasts routinely get feedback... but if you get useful feedback from listeners you won't be able to implement it until much later in the season.

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    I say launch!

    Worst that can happen is you fail and you have something to talk about on your podcast right?

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    I agree with those who've suggested you launch now. You might get a bigger splash because folks are stuck at home with more free time to check it out, or maybe you won't since people aren't commuting right now. Who knows?

    In either case, I think the benefits of pulling the trigger and getting the launch behind you and moving into the next stage of your product's lifecycle outweigh the potential drawbacks.

    The initial launch is just the first in a long string of actions of drawing attention to your product. While nice to have a big splash in the beginning, I think what's more important is what you do in the months following the launch.

    Best wishes to you!

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      Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts! Will be launching soon :)

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    We need more things that are not related to covid19!! Please launch!!

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      Hahaha sure, that's true!

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    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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      Yep and.I've been working on this for months so it's time to launch.

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