Launching On A Budget, need #landing-page-feedback

Hello Indie Hackers! I am very much new here but already very much inspired by what I read.
I decided to launch something simple yet useful in my daily life and I was hoping to get your feedback on... the landing page: https://www.onabudget.works/. The messy MVP is actually ready to launch but I am trying to get out and talk to people : )

Thanks in advance for your terrible/frank/nice/constructive/depressive/useful review.

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    I really love the simplicity of the idea. I've been on the Dave Ramsey plan for a few years. I've tried numerous apps but in the end, I prefer tracking expenses in a Google sheet because it's so simple.

    I think it's always a good idea to charge early for your product but if I'm honest I probably wouldn't pay for a spreadsheet template only.

    What I would pay for are resources to help me understand money better, such as books, articles, videos, access to a community who are on the same journey.

    What keeps me sticking with the Dave Ramsey plan are the baby steps. It tells you exactly what you need to do, and in what order. Sitting down to work out what you're making and how much you're spending can be overwhelming. What would be cool is to have it in the form of a course, and to use the spreadsheet as a resource for the course.

    There is a misconception that being on a budget means you never spend any money. Budgeting is actually about prioritising your spending so your spending is aligned with your short and long term goals. For example, the first episode could be what does budgeting mean, the second can start to dive into what to include in your budget and how to actually make one - that's where the spreadsheet can come in useful.

    I really like the landing page, I think it gets across exactly what the product is. The main advice I would give is:
    -check for spelling and grammar
    -remove links to things which aren't available yet eg 'Guides' in navigation
    -the charts at the bottom of the page feel too complicated, maybe just keep the 'to do', 'expenses' and 'budget planner'

    Good luck!

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      Wha @marilynmags thank you so much for this honest and extensive feedback.

      I wanted something out early but I've been thinking into more values to add gradually over time. The course is a bit too much time consuming for what I can offer right now but maybe I could deliver it progressively indeed. I completely agree that a lot of the value of budgeting comes from very simple clarifications and small actions to take (for most of us who may be don't manage huge wealth ^^).

      Gonna think about it and fix your suggestions in the meantime, thanks again!

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        No problem!

        I'll be keeping an eye out for updates :)

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    At mobile width the top nav items overlap each other, and get lost in the red background below them. You could add a larger height to the <header> inside your existing 600px width media query, and align the <ul> to the left etc.

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      Thanks for the advice @brandonherford! You're completely right I have a few responsive things to fix on my list (header is the most obvious, but also the first paragraph). I'm not frontend dev so I'm actually quite happy to dive into those problems and learn better practices

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    You reference things on your landing page that I don't understand (because one would only understand it he/she signed up), such as "on the cockpit tab".

    As a result, it's a bit hard to actually understand why your value prop is different from others.

    If you're looking for feedback on your concept btw I have a research service where for $12 you can ask 100 people a question then follow-up based on how they answered and even interview them! https://scoops.io/

    You could ask "How do you currently track your budgeting? Do you feel like it could use some organization?" and then interview people who say yes or even drive them to your landing page.

    Anyway just thought it might help. Best of luck!

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    You should get someone to proof-read your text, there are some spelling errors and some non-native english constructs.

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