Growth January 25, 2020

Launching on Reddit

Victor Karanja @VictorKaranja

Hey Guys,

I'm kinda new to Reddit, just wondering when I launch, what steps should I take that can help with my launch post?


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    Where are you planning on posting? Each subreddit is different, but what most have in common is that they don't like self promotion and sales-y sounding posts.

    You're always better off on there doing a soft sell - asking for feedback instead and trying to get some customer interviews out of it.

    Making it personal works better - "hey I built this thing because I thought there was a better solution for ${problem}. It would be great to get some feedback on it to see if I'm on the right track. A little about me - I'm a solo ${occupation}, not a corporation, and I'm not trying to ${thing_reddit_hates}, just trying to connect with people in ${industry} to hear more about your problems."

    Depending on the industry, Reddit can be a really terrible place for connecting with an audience that actually pays for stuff - just keep that in mind.

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      I'm planning on posting in maybe a month or two, I'll start engaging meanwhile asking for feedback and beta users, it's for the design community I've joined a couple of groups.

      Thanks for the insight!

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    Take time to read the requirements of the group. Some require you to participate in the community before posting a new topic.

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      +1 with what iainfreestone said. Auto-moderation and lack of flair will get you everytime! ;)

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    One thing to keep in mind is that many startups and companies use fake accounts and upvotes to stoke their initial postings on reddit.

    That's something you might want to consider, factoring the risk VS reward

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      I see...interesting, great insight!