Launching on the Mac App Store today

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    I'm really impressed. Congrats! One nice feature to add would be some ready-to-go templates like landing page, personal blog, etc

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      Thank you! You actually can create re-usable templates yourself by copying other Wunderbucket sites you've made when you create a new site: https://cln.sh/QIYkhv

      I also created some downloadable recipes for common site structures: https://wunderbucket.io/docs/recipes/basic-site.html

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    Awesome style! Looks very nice. Are there any limits on file upload size?

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      The free tier is limited to 10GB bandwidth/mo. I believe upload size is limited to 5GB.

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    What a cool idea! This removes the friction and pain of using web hosting provider control panels and simplifying this process. Design looks great too!

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      Thank you! Hope people find it useful. :-)

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