March 13, 2019

Launching online pop-up store. Got tips for marketing?


Over the next few weeks me and an artist friend will setup our first online pop up store using BigCartel + Printful.
I have the tech know-how, she has the art.
Our plan is to mainly use instagram ads to see how well they work as a first test.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

To give back, we will document the whole experience into a few series of blog posts detailing from the first button we press to our last (if any) sale!


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    Yes to Instagram.
    I would definitely explore Pinterest.
    Set up an email list.
    The products useful for friends and family? Share with them?
    Who are the products aimed at? Find out where they are and connect with them.

    It would also be great to see it added as a IH product and progress posted there.

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      Interesting, I have never dived into pinterest, somehow it just never attracted me, but I will explore it.

      We will start with phone cases, its a pretty small market but the aim is to improve on that small market and then introduce new things.

      It's the first time setting up shop.

      I was gonna tweet/blog/makerlog about it anyway :)

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    Done this a few times using shopify+printful...

    Definitely expand ad experiments to FB and Pinterest, and ideally target some subreddits that are super on-topic. A giveaway via Gleam can help, but you'll also get free-chasers / lower quality list.

    Margins due to Print on Demand are thinner, so the real question is acquiring buyers profitably. Pricing high can help quite a bit.

    You used 'pop up' - as in limited-time? This can help with urgency, if shop is really going to go away.

    Finally, phone cases can be a strong seller but a very different audience than general apparel/home goods - the other core categories on Printful. In addition, they're a one-off sale, whereas buyers need more than one tshirt/sweatshirt/pillow. Your email list may end up higher quality if it's not just ex-phone case buyers...

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      really interesting! I just wrote a blog post on our pricing model and tactics (bellow)
      but in short, we will test selling at 15 and 19 (euros) while printful charges us for 9.69 (eur) per item.

      What do you mean by email list? go for a newsletter?

      but yes the idea is the pop up store to not go away itself but the items. then find other items and set them again later.

      Yes we go for iphone cases to test our marketing skills because its a very niche product.

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        roger that, good luck! absolutely critical to capture email well in ecommerce - 99% of your traffic won't buy, email's the connection to them down the road.

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          I see, will definitely add something for future pop up stores in order to notify customers. Thanks for the tip!

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    Test all FB Ads placements, not just IG. Run multiple tests using the split test tool targeting different audiences, using different creatives, etc.

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      100% agree!